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Lawn Sprinkler

Here at Sprinkler Warehouse, lawn sprinklers are our specialty.  We offer many different varieties of sprinklers from companies like Rain Bird and Hunter.  Whether you are a professional landscaper or a first time home owner, we have the supplies you need to keep your lawn and garden looking its best year round.


Here are the types of lawn sprinklers we sell:

  1. Rotary Sprinklers
    • Rotary Sprinklers are usually used best around your lawn and garden for wide open spots that you need to be watered quickly and efficiently.  They are used to cover larger turf areas. We carry Impact Rotors, used with dirty water, and Gear-driven Rotors, used with clean water and require less maintenance and cover more evenly.  Our rotary lawn sprinklers offer easy customization for your yard so you can get it growing fast and looking its best.  Rotary sprinklers are made to turn with a small and powerful stream of water spraying out of its nozzle.  They can turn with up to a 360 degree radius and can spray from 15 feet to 85 feet!  Check out our Rotary Sprinklers at our Online Store today!


  2. Spray Sprinklers
    • Spray Sprinklers are great around the garden and small areas on your lawn.  They offer a quick way to water your lawn or garden with a constant flow of water.  Spray sprinkler are ideal for smaller areas of turf and landscaping. They provide a set spray pattern and simply pop-up and spray a light mist. Spray patterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Our spray sprinklers can have a constant flow of water at a 360 degree spray.  They can get to a maximum spray of 18 feet.  Go to our Online Store today to find the best priced Spray Sprinklers on the web.


  3. Drip Irrigation
    • We have a large selection of drip irrigation products, micro sprinklers, spray jets, filters, pressure regulators, controllers, valves, fittings, and accessories for home gardens, commercial landscapes, greenhouses, nurseries and agriculture applications.  Our Drip Irrigation systems are good to use for your trees and large plants.  Drip Irrigation systems will get down to your plants roots and get them growing healthy and looking great!  Check out our Drip Irrigation section in our  Online Store today!


  4. Hanging Basket Sprinklers
    • Our hanging basket sprinklers are top of the line and offer great watering for your hanging plants.  The Hanging Basket Water Valve is a sprinkler for hanging baskets. No timer is required since it operates on demand or automatically. It is very easy to install and use.  Our hanging basket sprinklers are designed for both residential and commercial use.  Check out our Online Store today to find the best Hanging Basket Sprinklers on the web.

Sprinkler Warehouse only carries the best irrigation system equipment, and that's why we have the best lawn sprinklers on the web that are perfectly priced.  So check out all the sprinklers we have to offer at our Online Store!