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  Buckner by Storm StormCruiser Self-Propelled Traveling Sprinkler
StormCruiser - Self-Propelled Traveling Sprinkler
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Self Propelled Traveling Sprinkler

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StormCruiser™ is a heavy duty; self-propelled irrigation system. Constructed of brass; stainless steel; corrosion resistant cast metal; and rubber tires; the improved design StormCruiser™ uses irrigation water pressure to pull itself the length of an irrigated area; to a stake or anchor.

The StormCruiser is the RainCoach Self Propelled Traveling Sprinkler with a Cruiser shaped Protective Cover.

This easy-to-operate self-propelled sprinkler provides automatic irrigation of large open areas; where in-ground sprinkler heads are not permitted or economical; StormCruiser™ is perfect for schools; athletic fields; parks and other large turf areas.

Operating Ranges


110' - 145' diameter x 450' run

33.4 - 44m


11.5 - 22.4 gpm

2.59 - 5.04 m3/h

Pressure (at sprinkler)

55 - 75 psi

3.7 - 5.1 Bars

rain2.gif (1716 bytes)

rain.gif (20894 bytes)
StormCruiser's sweep arms allow variable speed of travel

Spacing: When the surface to be irrigated cannot be watered by a single pass of the StormCruiser™; it is necessary to make additional irrigation runs. The spacing for multiple runs should be such that the distance between the "paths of travel" (see diagram above) is 70% of the diameter shown in the Performance Chart.


1" Female hose thread (FHT) inlet for use with standard 1" hose.
Economical alternative for large turf areas.
Brass; aluminum and stainless steel construction provides unmatched durability.
Specially suited for use where sprinklers cannot be installed.
Combines 3/4" impact brass head with rotating sweep arms for full; even coverage.
Includes six nozzle set (#16 nozzle installed).
Allows for adjustable speed of travel for varied precipitation rates.
Minimizes turf scarring with front roller.
Equipped with 3/32" x 450’ galvanized steel cable tow line.
Provides stable operation on rough terrain with wide/long wheel base.
Built-in valve shuts off water automatically at the end of run.
Five-year warranty.

Place the StormCruiser™ at end of area to be watered; 225 feet from water source. Reel out cable to other end of area; 225 feet beyond water source. Attach cable to stake. Connect hose to StormCruiser™ and turn on water. When StormCruiser™ reaches stake; it shuts off automatically; width of coverage varies from 108 to 144 feet. Driving power is supplied by two 1/8
nozzles on opposing driving arms; rotating clockwise. Speed of travel is adjustable from 7 to 11 hours for a 450 foot run. Make travel speed adjustments by changing the angle of the arms. This gives lower precipitation rate at fast speed and high rates at slow speed.

The self-propelled sprinkler system shall irrigate a path at least 100 feet wide in a single pass; with adjustable speed (from 1 foot per minute to .625 feet per minute). The self-propelled irrigation system shall automatically shut down irrigation at the end of its run. The self-propelled sprinkler shall use rubber wheels and a front aluminum roller to minimize turf disruption; and shall be supplied with 5 nozzles for all pressure and coverage situations. The self-propelled sprinkler system shall use only water pressure and galvanized steel cable for propulsion; and shall be supplied with a chrome plated steel stake for the cable anchor.








Rotating sweep arm span



56 lbs.


Code Inches mm
12 3/16" 4.80
13 13/64" 5.20
14 7/32" 5.60
15 15/64" 6.00
16 1/4" 6.40
18 9/32" 7.10


Height Width Length
2' 1' 7" 2' 5"

Rotating sweep arm span

4' 9"
56 lbs.

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