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Sprinkler Warehouse® Cancellation of Orders:

Occasionally, orders or parts of an order are cancelled by our system for various reasons. Some reasons are:

  • Item(s) not available or out of stock.
  • Difficulty in processing your payment information.
  • Cannot ship to address provided.
  • Duplicate order was placed.
  • Cancelled due to a customer request.
  • For orders over $150, we verify cardholder information. If we cannot reach you using the contact information you've provided us with, your order will be cancelled.

If your order is cancelled, you will receive an important notice regarding your order via e-mail which will explain the reason for the cancellation. You will not be billed for any cancelled items. If you are interested in alternative products, please contact a Customer Service Specialist at (281) 345-4000 for a recommendation.

Customer Cancellation of Orders:

Orders accepted by Sprinkler Warehouse® may be cancelled by Purchaser only upon written consent of Sprinkler Warehouse®.

If you contact Sprinkler Warehouse® and request that your order be cancelled before it leaves our warehouse (before UPS picks it up), Sprinkler Warehouse® will cancel your order and provide you with a full refund in the amount of your purchase. You must either speak with a Sprinkler Warehouse® representative directly, or you must receive a return Email acknowledging your request for order cancellation before your order ships.

Once your order ships, if you would like to cancel your order you will need to follow our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policy procedures for returned items.

For cancellation of orders consisting of special order items, bulk quantity orders, large orders, or for orders cancelled in a manner not consistent with our cancellation policies the following applies:

In the event of cancellation, and without limiting any other remedy which Sprinkler Warehouse® may have in law or in equity as a result of such cancellation, Purchaser shall pay to Sprinkler Warehouse® reasonable cancellation charges, including but not limited to freight, handling, storage and administrative, which shall include all expenses then incurred and commitments made by Sprinkler Warehouse®.