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Irrigation Caddy Web & Internet Sprinkler Controller Febco 825Y 1 Inch Double Check Backflow Assembly Wilkins WK975XL-075 - 3/4 inch Reduced Pressure Assembly Hunter PGP-ADJ - 4" PGP Adjustable Arc Rotor
Irrigation Caddy S1 Web-Based Sprinkler Control System
Our Price: $179.95
Sale Price: $134.86
You save $45.09!
Febco 825Y 1 inch Lead Free RPZ Double Ck Assy
Our Price: $240.00
Sale Price: $226.88
You save $13.12!
Hunter PGP-ADJ 4 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor
Our Price: $8.50
Sale Price: $7.95
You save $0.55!
Febco 765 - 1 inch Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly Watts 800M4-QT - 3/4 Inch Backflow Preventer PRO-700-Rental - Armada Tech - RENTAL Wire and Valve Locator Wilkins 720A - 1" Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly
Febco 765 1 inch PVB Backflow Preventer
Our Price: $100.00
Sale Price: $64.88
You save $35.12!
Watts 800M4-QT 3/4 in. PVB Backflow Preventer
Our Price: $107.41
Sale Price: $99.98
You save $7.43!
Wilkins 720A 1 inch PVB Backflow Preventer
Our Price: $66.95
Sale Price: $64.88
You save $2.07!
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Sprinkler Warehouse is your one-stop shop for irrigation parts at low prices. Sprinkler Warehouse specializes in providing a huge variety of top-quality irrigation system supplies, irrigation repair parts, and irrigation tools at super low prices. Our wide selection of sprinkler supplies and parts includes fertilizing systems, drip irrigation kits and parts, pipe and tubing, pop-up sprinkler heads, impact sprinklers, sprinkler timers, backflow preventers, landscape lighting, and more.

Our goal at Sprinkler Warehouse is to not only provide our customers with the best products and prices, but also with great customer service. To this end we are currently building a showroom in our store, where customers can browse backflow

preventers, sprinkler timers, rotary sprinklers, PVC fittings, and more. In addition to our sales counter, we have a "Tech Deck" where customers can bring parts in and ask questions.

Our sprinkler products are available in-store at our Houston location, as well as nationally online. We are also working on streamlining our online international sales.

We also offer excellent free online tutorials on installing and maintaining sprinkler systems, programming timers, designing and installing drip irrigation systems, repairing and replacing backflow preventers, and water conserving lawn care tips.

Sprinkler Warehouse is dedicated to providing all our customers with quality parts and service at affordable prices. Thank you for visiting!