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  Digital Sun SS10-S S. Sense Additonal Sensor
Digital Sun SS10-S - S. Sense Additional Sensor

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Product Code: SS10-S

Digital Sun - Smart Sensors for Sprinkler Systems

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Introducing the S.Sense The simplest, most effective irrigation control upgrade available anywhere.

Now it’s easy to give your lawn, garden, and landscaping the ideal amount of moisture. You’ll save time, water, and money automatically regardless of weather or seasonal changes. The S.Sense system controls irrigation for you with sophisticated soil moisture sensors and low-power wireless technology.

Features & Benefits
  • Keeps Landscapes Healthier
    S.Sense’s wireless sensors eliminate guesswork by ensuring your plants get just the right amount of moisture, no matter how conditions change. The system automatically regulates your controller to prevent over-watering, and warns you when plants aren’t getting enough water
  • Conserves Water
    Never run your sprinkler in the rain again! The S.Sense sytem prevents your sprinkler from watering when there’s enough soil moisture
  • Saves Time & Money
    Forget about adjusting your sprinkler settings to match the weather, “no water” days, or changing seasons. S.Sense waters only when it is really needed
  • Easy-To-Install Wireless System
    No trenches to dig or new hoses to run! Just attach the receiver to your existing sprinkler controller, place one or more wireless Sensors in the soil, and start enjoying a healthier lawn right away
  • Expandable Range
    Do you have a large estate? Just add a wireless Range Extender to increase the range of your signal
  • Innovative & Reliable
    All Digital Sun products are tough, durable, and designed to last. Just install the system and let it do the rest
  • Receiver
    • Works with all standard 24AC controllers
    • Automatic and Manual (Bypass) Operation
    • Large LCD with 64x128 pixel graphics for status and control
    • Easy-to-use six push button controls
    • Multiple language capabilities (English and Spanish)
    • Built-in memory maintains programming information in the absence
      of AC power (no battery required)
    • Durable plastic case (indoor use)
    • Unconditional four month warranty
    • Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum
    • Radio Range: 200ft Line-of-Sight (extendable)
    • Power Requirements: 24 V ac, 0.50 amps
    • Maximum common line current: 24 V ac, 1.8 amp (including master valve)
    • Common line operation: normally closed
    • Capacity: 12 Sensors
    • Operating temperature: 32˚F to 130˚F (0˚C to 54˚C)
  • Sensor
    • Sensors: Soil moisture and temperature
    • Frequency: 2.4GHz
    • Max Range: 200 feet line of sight (extendable)
    • Power: 3 AAA alkaline batteries (> 1 year operation)
    • Operating Temp: 32˚F to 130˚F (0˚C to 54˚C)
Sensor Kit Components
Components of the Sensor Kit
Components of the Sensor Kit
Digital Sun S. Sense Installed next to irrigation controller
Here's How The Moisture Sensor Works!
Digital Sun Smart Sprinkler Control
Smart Sprinkler Control
The S.Sense System continuously monitors the moisture in the soil and allows your existing sprinkler to run only when it is needed. Enjoy a greener landscape and a healthier lawn without worrying about over- or under-watering. The S.Sense System
Digital Sun Wireless Sensors Control Each Zone
Wireless Sensors Control Each Zone
Wireless moisture-sensors in your landscape tell the system whether or not the next scheduled watering should take place in each zone. If it has recently rained in your area, for example, the S.Sense System will prevent your sprinkler system from over-watering your lawn and plants.
Digital Sun S.Sense Sensor System is easy to setup and use
Easy to Set Up & Use
Your new S.Sense System easily connects to your existing sprinkler controller. Set one or more Sensors with the included installation tool, link them to the Receiver, and let the system do the rest
Digital Sun Installation Complete
Fast Learner

Over time, your S.Sense System builds up information about your lawn and garden, allowing it to make smarter decisions about when it waters.

S.Sense Sensor Installed in ground

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