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Drip Irrigation Tubing & Drip Line

Poly Drip Tubing may be installed above or below ground. The 1" and 3/4" poly tubing are most often used as mainlines and lateral lines for both drip systems and traditional sprinkler systems. The 1/2" poly tubing is most often used as the main lateral or mainline into which drip emitters are inserted.

Drip Lines are poly tubing with drip emitters incorporated into the interior wall of the tubing at spaced intervals.

Poly 1/8" Tubing Poly 1/4" Tubing Poly 1/2" Tubing Poly 3/4" Tubing
Poly 1" Tubing Vinyl 1/4" Tubing Vinyl 1/8" Tubing Drip Irrigation Tape
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