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  EZ Flo EZ-LiqGyp-1 Liquid Gypsum Soil Conditioner (1 Gal.)
EZ Flo EZ LiqGyp-1 - Soil Logic Liquid Gypsum - Soil Conditioner (1 Gallon)
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EZ Flo EZ LiqGyp-1 - 1 Gallon Bottle of Liquid Gypsum Soil Conditioner  
EZ Flo EZ LiqGyp-1 - 1 Gallon Bottle of Liquid Gypsum Soil Conditioner

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Liquid "Gypsum" is a proven product that helps bind soil particles in clay soils, improves water flows in the soil and removes excess sodium (salt)buildup. A very good substitute for powdered gypsum.

Should not be mixed with fertilizers due to adverse reactions with phosphates. Apply separately on the FAST setting.

  • Soil Conditioner for clay soils and for recycled irrigation water high in salts
  • Contains binding agents and surfactants

Liquid "Gypsum" is a full 100% liquid calcium formulation containing calcium chloride, humectants (acids), surfactants and penetrants and water soluble polyacrilymides.   Polyacrilymides act as a flocculant to bind soil particles together to improve water and gas movements in soils.   Liquid Gypsum is especially useful in moderating salt levels in reclaimed water and buffering the pH.   We suggest monthly or bi-monthly applications until optimal soil condition is achieved.  Then annual or semi-annual treatments after that.

To avoid the formation of insoluble precipitates that can clog your irrigation heads, DO NOT mix Calcium supplements with fertilizers containing phosphates or sulfates.   They may however be mixed with nitrogens only.

Organic and Natural Solutions - Superior Results

EZ-FLO has an extensive selection of high quality organic and natural solutions.These eco-friendly products contain organic bio-stimulants, organic humic and fulvic acids and other soil enriching materials that improve the soil structure and its natural biological chemistry. These products enhance the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and to establish a healthy root structure. Use of these solutions also reduces salt buildup in the soil created by chemical fertilizers and recycled grey (effluent) water.

Calcium Soil Conditioners

Calcium is the most commonly overlooked compound when evaluating soil fertility. Calcium is also the second highest element by percentage in plant tissue.  Disregarding this information does not make sense given the fact that no other single element is used more by weight and volume by plants than calcium.  Literally, calcium levels in the soil and plant are the backbone of any effective fertility program.

The benefits of calcium to turf are numerous, primarily in regard to root and cell wall development.  Research indicates that pathogens probe their way into a cell and inject their enzymes to weaken and eventually break the cell down, thus, a stronger cell membrane can actually slow down or even stop this attack. Calcium supplements the strength of the cell tissue for greater resistance to disease and adverse weather conditions. With today's new bentgrass varieties and lower mowing heights, there has never been a greater need for a calcium supplements like those listed below.  Calcium allows plants to use sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and other minerals more efficiently and is also essential in starch conversion.

EZ Flo Turf-Pro Bio-Stiumulants & Soil Conditioners:

EZ Flo Liquid "Gypsum" Calcium Supplements & Soil Conditioners:

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