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  EZ Flo EZ-TurfPro-1 Bio-Stimulant Soil Conditioner (1 Gal.)
EZ Flo EZ-TurfPro-1 - TurfPro Bio-Stimulant - Soil Conditioner  (1 Gallon)
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Product Code: EZ-TURFPRO-1

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EZ Flo EZ Turf Pro-1 - 1 Gallon Bottle of Turf Pro Bio-Stimulant

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Turf Pro is a 100% organic soil conditioner, soil builder and nutrient converter that "supercharges" the soil around the plants' root systems for maximum nutrient uptake. With its disease suppressing bacillus, (nitrobacillus georgiensis) Turf Pro's humic acid is one of the finest soil additives extracted from a natural deposit available on the market today. The beneficial microbes in Turf Pro colonize the root zone and free-up nutrients that can be utilized by the plant. This product was developed in conjunction with the EPA's "Design for the Environment Program".

These bio-stimulants should be combined with all the fertilizers sold by EZ-FLO for maximum soil fertility and to achieve a beautiful looking landscape.

Organic and Natural Solutions - Superior Results

EZ-FLO has an extensive selection of high quality organic and natural solutions.These eco-friendly products contain organic bio-stimulants, organic humic and fulvic acids and other soil enriching materials that improve the soil structure and its natural biological chemistry. These products enhance the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and to establish a healthy root structure. Use of these solutions also reduces salt buildup in the soil created by chemical fertilizers and recycled grey (effluent) water.

The Benefits of Carbon Based Organic Bio-Stimulants:

  • Stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi for a healthy root zone (rhizosphere)
  • Convert nutrients in the soil to more readily available forms
    Promote more effective water penetration, transmission, retention and drought tolerance
  • Provide stored energy for plant growth and resistance to insects and disease
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate the need for nitrogen fertilization

Features & Benefits

  • Bio-Stimulant
  • Includes full spectrum biologicals (bacteria, fungi and enzymes)
  • Soil Conditioner and Nutrient Converter
  • High in Humic and Fulvic acids
Bio-Stimulants (Soil Fertility Boosters)

Many soils lack organic content or have chemical imbalances that leave nutrients tied up in the soil- making them unusable by plants.

There is a class of product called a "bio-stimulant" that energizes the biological life of the soil and stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria.  The benefits produced by these bacteria are numerous. Being living organisms, bacteria are capable of producing massive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the soil profile.  CO2 being a gas, expands in the soil breaking down clods and improving soil structure. CO2 also combines with the soil moisture to produce Carbonic Acid, which stimulates root development.  By stimulating the microbial activities in  the soil, the decomposition of grass clippings or other organic materials is increased, which in turn releases tied up nutrients and also aids in adding back organic matter into the soil. This biological process helps the soil to be better aerated and receptive to supporting plant growth.  Bio-stimulants also improve water percolation and drainage while adding  to the vitality of the soil.

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