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  EZ Flo EZ-Critter-Q Organic Critter Control (1 qt.)
EZ Flo EZ_Critter-Q - Organic Critter Control (1 Quart)

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EZ Flo EZ-CRITTER-Q - 1 Quart Bottle of Critter Control
EZ Flo EZ-CRITTER-Q - 1 Quart Bottle of Critter Control

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This organic formula is an effective way to drive away deer, gophers, rabbits, moles/voles, mice/rats and coots as well as other landscape pests. Apply EZ Critter Control directly onto your landscape plantings. This product can be applied directly by spraying it onto the leaves of the plant or with any spray irrigation system equipped with an EZ-FLO dispenser. This product can be combined with fertilizers or applied by itself.

The initial barrier application should should be applied full strength with the use of a backpack sprayer and the amount used will depend on the amount of foliage targeted. This initial barrier application will provide a strong initial deterrence effect for the animals. The suggested maintenance coverage rate is 1 pint to 1 quart per 10,000 sq. feet per month applied with an EZ-FLO dispenser. Since this is a topical product, coverage rates must be adjusted in high precipitation areas to counter any wash-off effect.

Establish a "Critter-Free Zone" using EZ-FLO Dispensers and EZ-Organic Critter Control

Set up your own Critter-Free Zone around your shrubs; flowers and yard. It's simple when you use EZ-Critter Control and any one of EZ-FLO's dispensing systems.

A critter repellant system consists of three main components. You may already have one or two of them in place. They are:

  • An EZ-FLO Dispenser
  • Water delivery system (irrigation system or simply a garden hose with a sprinkler/spray attachment)
  • EZ-Organic Critter Control (repellant)

And to make it automatic you can use a timer to control when the system turns on or off.

What should an automatic Critter Repellant System do for you to make it worthwhile to spend the money?

  • It should allow you to consistently apply repellant without having to remember. Maintaining a consistent barrier is one of the hardest goals to achieve. Automating the process gives you this consistency.
  • It should be easy to use. You shouldn't have to get your yard clothes on every time to apply the repellant.
  • It should be safe. There is no need to apply dangerous or smelly chemicals when you have an organic alternative.
  • Above all; it should save you time and it should work!

The Simplest System You can Imagine

We'll show you a simple; low cost way to create an automatic critter repellant system using some low-cost components. We're giving you this example so you can visualize how easy it is to set up your protection zones. If you have an in-ground irrigation system; these same principles apply. You simply adapt your approach to take into account the fixed positioning of your existing watering system. If you need to have your system modified to include spray heads just for the critter control; your irrigation contractor can assist you with the modifications.

To create an automatic stand-alone "Critter-Free Zone" system you will need the following items:

  • Garden Hose (ordinary kind; nothing special)
  • Sprinkler or spray attachment (like the one you see in the top left hand side of this web page; something that will get the plants wet)
  • Automatic battery operated water timer (Melnor; Gilmour or any other host of companies that make these units)
  • Z-FLO Hose and Drip precision dispenser (for example EZ-FLO's 2005-HB which is our 3/4 gallon unit for this example) and
  • EZ-FLO's Organic Critter Control (repellant)

The purpose of your system is to periodically spray a small amount of water; mixed with right dose of EZ-FLO Critter Control; onto the plants that you want to protect from unwanted critters.

Since this example is not a permanent system (you can always bypass the dispenser and use the garden hose like you would regularly) you would simply turn off the timer and close the shutoff valves to the EZ-FLO unit; thereby allowing you to do with the hose what you wish. Converting back to regular use takes less than a minute to turn-off or to restore back to its protective setting.

Here's a schematic example of what a simple critter control system looks like:

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