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  Natural Industries DeComp-9 Compost Booster 20gr
DeComp-9 Compost Booster 20gr

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Product Code: LGDC0020

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LGVA02 Fungicide

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Simply add DeComp-9 to your compost heap for accelerated composting and boosting of overall quality of compost. When added to compost, DeComp-9 will grow on organic material, feed on decaying and dead matter and convert them to nutrients usable by plants. Treated compost will be fertile, rich and provide excellent benefits to plants of all types. Lawns and plants will be hardier, lusher and much more vigorous.

Composting is quickly becoming a common backyard activity to help reduce waste and create healthier lawn and gardens. DeComp-9 is a quick and easy impulse buy for your compost enthusiasts especially when merchandised with composting tools including compost bins. Not only will the patented microorganisms in every package of De-Comp-9 accelerate the composting time, they will also help promote a richer, more fertile growing media.

Uses & Benefits:
  • Contains patented, beneficial microbes
  • Promotes fertile soil
  • Assists in nutrient uptake and increased vigor of plants
  • Speeds up composting time
  • Environmentally safe & non-toxic
  • All-natural, no chemicals
  • Works on finished compost, mulch, soil & other growing media too
  • One bag treats one cubic yard (201 gallons) of compost