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Surface Drains

Surface drains allow you to divert excess water from your yard, preventing harmful erosion and puddling. Whether the excess water is from rain or irrigation, it is important to prevent it from eroding the soil or creating standing bodies of water that are detrimental to your plants' health.

Our surface drainage supplies include catch basins and risers, which are used to receive the excess water from a drainage pipe system, and a pop-up drainage emitter, which connects to your drainage pipe system and allows water to drain out in run-off safe areas.

Adapters, Outlets & Fittings Catch Basin Riser Kits Catch Basins, Risers & Grates Micro Channel Drains
Pop-up Drainage Emitters Round, Atrium & Square Grates Spee-D Basins & Grates Spee-D Channel Drains
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