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Mainline Drains

Mainline Drains... Just screw into a standard tee fitting on the pipe at low points of each sprinkler system zone or section somewhere before the section valve of each zone. Orient fitting and drain at 45 degree downward angle for optimal performance!

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King Innovation 22163 1/2 in. MPT Lateral and Main Line Pipe Drain
King Innovation 22163 1/2 in. MPT Lateral and Main Line Pipe Drain
  • Freeze protection drain - prevents water from puddling in pipes and causing freeze damage during freezes
  • New design combines lateral and main line drains
  • Features self-cleaning screen, pressure sensitive valve, backflow check

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HP 4000 - 1/2 inch MPT MAINLINE DRAIN
Blazing Products HP4000 1/2 in. MPT Mainline Drain
  • Prevents blow out
  • Slows drain and conserves water
  • Clog-resistant with self-flushing and dirt-stopper screen
  • Simple installation

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What We Recommend
We recommend 1 Mainline Drain located on the water supply piping after the backflow device but before it splits up to head to the control or zone valves. We also recommend 1 lateral line drain, and 1 to 2 end of line drains per zone or section of the sprinkler system. You should not exceed more than 3 to 4 drains per zone or sprinkler section.
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