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PVC Pipe End of Line Drains

PVC Pipe End of Line Drains are glued to PVC pipe at the end of the line with the drain wicking pad oriented downward. Acts like a PVC elbow with automatic drain built in.

Used where you want to install the last sprinkler head on a line. Choose the drain that fits the size pipe you have and has the size threads you need to attach your sprinkler head.

What We Recommend
We recommend 1 Mainline Drain located on the water supply piping after the backflow device but before it splits up to head to the control or zone valves. We also recommend 1 lateral line drain, and 1 to 2 end of line drains per zone or section of the sprinkler system. You should not exceed more than 3 to 4 drains per zone or sprinkler section.
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