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  Skeet-R-Gone Bug-Slug-8oz 8 oz. Mosquito and Bug Control Concentrate
Bug-Slug-8oz - Mosquito / Pest Control Concentrate (8 oz)

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Skeet-R-Gone Bug-Slug-8OZ Mosquito and Pest Control  
Skeet-R-Gone Bug-Slug-8OZ Mosquito and Pest Control

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Product Information


Invented and developed in West Fargo, North Dakota, Skeet-R-Gone is the most thorough and effective means for mosquito control. It can be used to eliminate both mature and larvae mosquitoes at their source.

You can also treat your lawn for gnats, grubs, no see-ums, ants (including fire ants), and other bugs. Skeet-R-Gone can be installed into any new or existing sprinkler system. Once installed, it is very simple to operate, and depending on number of zones, an entire lawn can be sprayed in as few as 5 minutes.

Features & Benefits
  • Pesticide Free
  • High Performance
  • Contains no WHIMS regulated ingredients
  • Improved Worker Safety
  • Made from renewable natural resources
  • Will not harm grass or plants
  • Reduction in expensive disposal methods
  • Reduced health risks to public & employees
  • Highly concentrated
  • Does not react with other chemistries,
  • Safe for use fabrics

Is Skeet-R-Gone safe for the environment?

Skeet-R-Gone is the first company to create a user-friendly system especially designed for homeowner use with ecologically friendly, non-hazardous and non-toxic products. Our team spent extensive time researching the creation of a device that would give the normal homeowner the ability to install, operate, and maintain a complete lawn spray system. Because of its simplicity, safety and durable construction, it is the perfect do-it-yourself pest elimination device. The easy-to-understand instructions make it possible for virtually anyone to install and operate like a pro.

How often do you use Skeet-R-Gone?

Frequency will vary depending on area and weather conditions. We recommend simply activating Skeet-R-Gone whenever mosquitoes regain a noticeable presence.

Can I use herbicide in Skeet-R-Gone?

Herbicide is not recommended in Skeet-R-Gone because any plants and flowers covered by the sprinkler system may be unintentionally damaged.

Can I use Skeet-R-Gone as a fertilizer?

Fertilizing is not recommended with Skeet-R-Gone because fertilizer is meant to be washed deep into your lawn for best results. Mosquito and other pest control concentrates work best if they "sit" on the blades of grass. For example, you turn on zone 1, press the activation button for a few seconds, let the zone run for a half hour to wash it in well, then come back, turn on zone 2, do the activation, let it run, etc.

What about misting systems?

The theory behind each of the systems is similar, but Skeet-R-Gone and misting systems work much differently. Misting systems mix the chemical with water and this is held in a 55 plus gallon drum near the system. Where Skeet-R-Gone uses a concentrate bottle that is only one quart and the concentrate is added to the water in the irrigation line. Misting systems require a completely new system where Skeet-R-Gone utilizes the homeowner's already existing irrigation system. Since Skeet-R-Gone uses the water from the irrigation system to distribute its ecologically friendly concentrate, the mixture is less prone to drift, unlike the misting systems.

  • Misting is more prone to drift from wind than our product applied with
    water from sprinklers
  • Misting systems require a completely new system
  • Skeet-R-Gone is typically less expensive than misting systems
  • Skeet-R-Gone uses existing sprinkler systems
  • Misting systems typically use chemical such as Pyrethrin, Permethrin and others
    tokill bugs as opposed to the eco friendly Bug Slug concentrate which
    Skeet-R-Gone offers

How do I winterize my Skeet-R-Gone System?

  1. Turn on a sprinkler zone;
  2. Inject water in the Skeet-R-Gone system to replace any concentrate that the pump
    line may be holding;
  3. Shut the water off to your irrigation system to relieve pressure in lines
    (while zone is still turned on);
  4. Remove water bottle and run Skeet-R-Gone system dry via the priming switch
    located on the face of the controller (use a pen tip to push in the prime hole
    activating the pump until the lines are clear of water); and
  5. Turn off the activated sprinkler zone and winterize your irrigation system as usual.

To re-cap: turn on a zone, replace any concentrate with water, flush any concentrate
out of the system and onto the yard, remove the water bottle, shut the main water supply
off (leave the zone on to drain pressure) and push (with air pressure from the pump)
the water out of the pump and line using the prime switch.

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