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Rain Bird Irrigation Controllers

For over 80 years Rain Bird has been a respected industry leader in residential irrigation - by adhering to a philosophy they call The Intelligent Use of Water™ they've made significant progress toward helping customers maximize irrigation performance while the same time being responsible with water use. The controllers they offer are feature rich and ready to help you keep all your watering on time.

ESP-RZX Series Controllers ESP-Me Series Controllers ESP-SMT Smart Series Controllers / Timers ESP-LXME Series Controllers / Timers
ET Manager System ESP-Modular Series Controllers / Timers Battery Operated Controllers / Timers Rain Bird Controller Accessories

Rain Bird Sprinkler Timers

Rain Bird sprinkler timers and accessories offer a variety of user-friendly designs and features, giving you the selection you need for the perfect sprinkler system. Rain Bird sprinkler system timers are available in designs for both residential and commercial applications, and include great water-saving programming features, such as customizable plant watering schedules, rain delay, and Rain Bird’s exclusive Cycle+Soak™ technology. Many Rain Bird irrigation timers are also remote control ready. All of these features combine to give you the best in irrigation system controllers.

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