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Risers & Shrub Sticks

Risers and Shrub Sticks are used to connect sprinklers to the line while lifting them to the correct height. We have many types and sizes to fit virtually any installation.

From cut-off nipples to riser flow control devices such as GeiserMiser and GeyserStop!, we have what you need.

Varieties of Risers

No two sprinkler systems are the same - each and every sprinkler system has its own obstacles and challenges. For example; the task of installing each and every sprinkler head flush with the ground would be endlessly difficult if there were not an adaptable, adjustable solution to make job simple, fast and cost effective!. For this reason, sprinkler head risers have been developed. There are a variety of different kinds of risers, and each has its own features and benefits, but the basic function and purpose is the same... to connect the lateral pipe (carrying the water from the mainline and through the valve) to the your sprinkler head of choice, while keeping it flush with the surface of the ground to prevent damage and provide optimal watering results.

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