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Narrow Planting Beds
Narrow Planting Beds Next to a Structure
Raised Bed Applications

   Xeri-Pops and Multi-Port Nozzles on a Poly Lateral

  • Up to 50% water savings
  • Quick installation plus the benefits of low volume
  • Multi-port nozzles are easy to maintain and offer watering pattern capability
Installation & Materials List

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Part Number



3/4" Xeri Control Zone Kit


4" Xeri-Pops

MDCF Series

Easy Fit Compression Fittings / Adapters


5" Multi-port Nozzle
XT-700-100 Xeri Black Stripe Poly Tubing
PT-025-050 1/4" Polyethylene Distribution Tubing
SPB 025 1/4" Self-Piercing Barb Connector

To-Do List

Time (Approx.)
Trench beds (2 - 6 inches deep), cut and lay out poly lines 30 min per 50 ft
Punch SPB 025 connector into poly laterals. Attach 1/4" tubing to outlet barb and run 1/4" tubing to edge of bed. 10 min per 20 ft
Connect 1/4" tubing to inlet barb on Xeri-Pop. Dig small hole (4" wide x 12" deep) for Xeri-Pop. 20 min per 50 ft
Determine desired watering pattern and punch nozzle base (see instructions) to match planting area. 5 min per Nozzle
Grasp orange pull-ring on top of Xeri-Pop and pull stem up exposing thread area for nozzle. Drop 30-mesh screen into stem and thread nozzle onto stem. 3 min per Nozzle
Drop Xeri-Pop into hole so the cap is at grade. Fill in dirt around Xeri-Pop so the body is supported in the soil and exit port for nozzle is in the correct position. 10 min per Xeri-Pop
Flush system for approximately 2 minutes. 2 min
Install planting material  

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Flush the zone after installation and once a year.
Install XB Drip Emitters with XM Tool for 50% faster installation.
Leave Landscape Dripline coil in the sun while preparing for installation.



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