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Parts Recommended for Residential Homes

Recommendations for Residential Applications
We put together the chart below to assist you in finding the best of
the commonly used items when installing a lawn sprinkler system.
You can't go wrong using parts like we've outlined below!

(Best Quality)
Rain Bird
(Good Quality)
Controller Pro-C Series ESP Modular, or ESP-LXi Series
Remote Control SRR-Kit RM-1 (Discontinued)
Sensors MWS-FR mini weather station, or RainClik rain shut off RSD-Bex rain shut off
Valves HPV or PGV Series DV/DVF Series or 
Valve Manifolds
Valves: Dirty Water
(lakes, ponds, reservoir)
ICV with Filter Sentry
or HPV Series
PESB Series
Rotor Sprinklers I-20, PGP, or PGJ Series 5000plus or 3500 Series
Rotor Sprinklers: Dirty Water (lakes, ponds, reservoir) I-20, PGP, or PGJ Series Maxi-paw Series
Spray Sprinklers Pro-Spray Series
& Nozzles
1800, 1800-PRS, 1800-SAM, 1800-SAM-PRS Series
& Nozzles
Connect Sprinkler to Pipe Pre-Made Swing Joints, Swing Joint Fittings/Pipe
or Cut Off Nipples

Self Tapping Fittings, Poly Fittings, or PVC Fittings
Backflow Prevention
(review your local codes)
Febco Reduced Pressure Assembly,
Double Check Valve, or Pressure Vacuum Breaker
Electrical Snaploc Water Proof Connectors,

16 gauge Wire, or  Multi-Strand Wire
Fertilizer System The Ferti-Pro System - Control Amt. of Fertilizer by Zone
The EZ-FLO System - Easy to install, very good coverage
Valve Boxes

Either use one round valve box per valve or use a larger rectangular valve box to cover multiple valves at one time.

Valve Boxes

Automatic Drains

Use Automatic Drains to drain the water from the system when not in use to help prevent freeze damage to the pipes and other parts. It is typical to use 2 drains on the mainline and 2 or 3 per zone (section).
You should not use more than 3 drains per zone.

Automatic Drains