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345-G   GRISWOLD Disc-Rubber-Seat-1 and 1 1/4 in for 2000 and 2030
299-G   GRISWOLD Disc-Rubber-Seat-2 to 2 1/2 in for 2000 and 2030
6758-G   GRISWOLD Disc-Rubber-Seat-3 in for 2000 and 2030
738-G   GRISWOLD Drain Cock
3093-G   GRISWOLD High-Pressure-Gasket-1 and 1 1/2 inch 2000-2030 Series
879-G   GRISWOLD High-Pressure-Gasket-2 and 2 1/2 inch 2000-2030 Series
3010-G   GRISWOLD O-Ring-Diaphragm for 1 1/2 inch 2000 Series
302-G   GRISWOLD O-Ring-Diaphragm for 1 to 1 1/4 inch 2000 Series
7978-08-G   GRISWOLD O-Ring-Diaphragm for 2 to 3 inch 2000 Series
4319-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Bearing-1 for DWS-DWPRV- 3/4-1-1 1/4 inch
4286-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Bearing-15-2 for DWS-DWPRV- 1 1/2-2 inch
447-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Bearing-2000-1 for 1 in to 1 1/4 in 2000 Series
317-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Bearing-2000-15 for 1 1/2 in 2000 Series Valves
612-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Bearing-2000-2 for 2 in to 3 in 2000 Series
322-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Metering for DWS-DWPRV-1 1/2 inch
290-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Metering for DWS-DWPRV-2 inch
402-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Metering for DWS-DWPRV-3/4-1-1 1/4 inch
303-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Spring for DWS-DWPRV-3/4 inch to 2 inch
764-G   GRISWOLD Pin-Spring-Cap 1 1/2 to 3 inch 2000-2030 Series
4313-G   GRISWOLD Rubber-Solenoid-Seat for 1 inch to 3 inch
4333-G   GRISWOLD Solenoid and Armature Assy for DWS-DWPRV
4513-G   GRISWOLD Solenoid-Adapter-Ring for 1 in to 3 in -2000 Series
3357-G   GRISWOLD Solenoid-Assy Complete for 1 in to 3 in- 2000 Series
3357-02-G   GRISWOLD Solenoid-Assy-2030 for 1 in to 3 in -2030 Series
770-G   GRISWOLD Solenoid-Base-Plate- for 1 in to 3 in -2000 Series
4400-G   GRISWOLD Spacer-Ctr-Guide-Tube- DWS-DWPRV-1 1/2 to-2 inch
335-G   GRISWOLD Upper-Diaphragm-1 for 2000 Series-1 to 1 1/4 in
329-G   GRISWOLD Upper-Diaphragm-15 for 2000 Series- 1 1/2 in
606-G   GRISWOLD Upper-Diaphragm-2 for 2000 Series-2 to 3 inch
6759-G   GRISWOLD Upper-Disc Washer for 2000 Series Valve -3 inch
8384-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 1 1/2 inch 2000-2030 Series
8388-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 1 1/2 inch 2000-2030 Series
8383-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 1 to 1 1/4 inch 2000-2030 Series
8387-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 1 to 1 1/4 inch 2000-2030 Series
8385-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 2 to 2 1/2 inch 2000-2030 Series
8389-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 2 to 2 1/2 inch 2000-2030 Series
8386-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 3 inch 2000-2030 Series
8390-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for 3 inch 2000-2030 Series
8372-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for DWS-DWPRV-1 1/2 inch
8373-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair for DWS-DWPRV-2 inch
8378-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair-Kit for DWS-DWPRV-1 1/2 inch
8379-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair-Kit for DWS-DWPRV-2 inch
8371-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair-Kit for DWS-DWPRV-3/4 to 1 inch
8377-G   GRISWOLD Valve-Repair-Kit for DWS-DWPRV-3/4-1-1 1/2 inch
All-Purpose-25   Grow More All-Purpose-25 All-Purpose 15-30-15 Fertilizer Mix (25 lbs)
All-Purpose-5   Grow More All-Purpose-5 All-Purpose 15-30-15 Fertilizer Mix (5 lbs)
All-Seasons-5   Grow More All-Seasons-5 All Season's 20-20-20 Fertilizer Mix (5 lbs)
Blood-Meal-13-0-0   Grow More Blood-Meal-13-0-0 Organic Fertilizer Mix (3 lbs)
Bone-Meal-1-15-0   Grow More Bone-Meal-1-15-0 Organic Fertilizer Mix (4 lbs)
Cactus-Juice   Grow More Cactus-Juice 1-7-6 Liquid Fertilizer Mix (16 oz.)
Citrus-Food   Grow More Citrus-Food 20-10-15 Fertilizer Mix (1.5 lbs)
Citrus-Grower-Blend   Grow More Citrus-Grower-Blend Multi-Purpose Micronutrient Mix 1.25 lbs
Eco-Pond-Clear   Grow More Eco-Pond-Clear 1 lb. Pond Restorer and Cleaner
EZ-Wet-Soil-Penetrant-26   Grow More EZ-Wet-Soil-Penetrant-26 Organic Soil Penetrant (1 qt.)
GRM251510-05   Grow More GRM251510-05 Flowering Blend 25-15-10 Fertilizer (5 lbs)
GRM28818-05   Grow More GRM28818-05 Turf Blend 28-8-18 Fertilizer (5 lbs)
Grow-Vite   Grow More Grow-Vite 1 gal. 16-4-2 Liquid Fertilizer With Vitamin B-1
Hawaiian-Bud-and-Bloom   Grow More Hawaiian-Bud-and-Bloom 5-50-17 Fertilizer Mix (1.5 lbs)
Herb-Food   Grow More Herb-Food 5-1-5 Organic Fertilizer Mix 1 lb
Hydrangea-Blueing   Grow More Hydrangea-Blueing Specialty Mix (2 lbs)
Lucky-Bamboo   Grow More Lucky-Bamboo 2-2-2 Fertilizer Mix 8 fl. oz.
Magnum-Rose-Food-25   Grow More Magnum-Rose-Food-25 Bag of 25 lbs. Fertilizer Mix 8-10-8
Magnum-Rose-Food-4.5   Grow More Magnum-Rose-Food-4.5 Bag of 4.5 lbs. Fertilizer Mix 8-10-8
Maxi-Cal   Grow More Maxi-Cal 10-0-0 Calcium Deficiency Corrector Mix 16 oz.
Palm-Food   Grow More Palm-Food 6-3-6 Organic Fertilizer Mix (4 lbs)
Premium-Orchid-Food-Bloom   Grow More Premium-Orchid-Food-Bloom 6-30-30 Formula (1.25 lbs)
Premium-Orchid-Food-Maintain   Grow More Premium-Orchid-Food-Maintain 20-20-20 Formula (1.25 lbs)
Rapid-Root-3   Grow More Rapid-Root-3 Root Growth Inducing Powder 2 oz.
Sea-Grow-16-16-16   Grow More Sea-Grow-16-16-16 Fertilizer Mix (5 lbs)
Sea-Grow-4-26-26   Grow More Sea-Grow-4-26-26 Fertilizer Mix (5 lbs)
Seaweed-Extract   Grow More Seaweed-Extract 0.10-0.10-1.5 16 oz. Liquified Organic Kelp
Soil-Builder-Plus   Grow More Soil-Builder-Plus 2-1-1 Humic Acid Concentrate 16 fl. oz.
Soluble-Palm-Food   Grow More Soluble-Palm-Food 15-5-15 Fertilizer Mix (1.5 lbs)
Super-Bloom-15-30-15   Grow More Super-Bloom-15-30-15 Fertilizer Mix (3 lbs)
Tomato-Food   Grow More Tomato-Food 18-18-21 Fertilizer Mix (1.5 lbs)
05-1299   Hunter 05-1299 Pressure Gauge for PGP-ADJ Rotors
HU-05-17200   Hunter 05-17200 Rotor Nozzle Adjustment Tool
05-3191T   Hunter 05-3191T T-Handle Tool for Nozzle Installation
HU12-3200   Hunter 12-3200 Nozzle Insertion Collar
121405   Hunter 121405IC Power Module for the IC-600PL
130900   Hunter 130900 Standard Nozzle Set Non-ULTRA PGP Rotors
181500   Hunter 181500 PGP Riser Seal
189900   Hunter 189900 Spring Seat Replacement for PGP Rotors
233200   Hunter 233200 Low Angle Nozzle Set for Non-ULTRA PGP Rotors
26-6902   Hunter 26-6902 Replacement Diaphragm for HPV Valves
269200   Hunter 269200 Flow Control Handle
269400   Hunter 269400 Protective Rubber Cap for PGP Rotor
30-922   Hunter 30-922 Adapter for Hunter Valves
33-2100   Hunter 33-2100 Replacement Diaphragm for PGV 1 in. Valves
356605   Hunter 356605 Standard Nozzle Set for 120 Plus Rotors
38-7800   Hunter 38-7800 Replacement Diaphragm for ICV 1 in. Valves
41-4100   Hunter 41-4100 Replacement Diaphragm for PGV 1.5 in. Valves
41-5600   Hunter 41-5600 Replacement Diaphragm for PGV 2 in. Valves
444800   Hunter 444800 High Flow Nozzle Set for 1-20 Rotors
458200   Hunter 458200 Battery Operated DC Latching Solenoid
46-0026   Hunter 46-0026 Replacement Diaphragm for ICV 1.5 and 2 in. Valves
46-1503   Hunter 46-1503 Replacement Diaphragm for ICV-FS 1 in. Valves
46-1818   Hunter 46-1818 Replacement Diaphragm for ICV-FS 1.5 and 2 in. Valves
46-3401   Hunter 46-3401 Sprinkler Nozzle for I-25 (Yellow #4)
46-3402   Hunter 46-3402 Sprinkler Nozzle for I-25 (White #5)
46-3404   Hunter 46-3404 Sprinkler Nozzle for I-25 (Light Brown #8)
46-3406   Hunter 46-3406 Sprinkler Nozzle for I-25 (Blue #13)
46-3408   Hunter 46-3408 Sprinkler Nozzle for I-25 (Red #18)
46-3410   Hunter 46-3410 Sprinkler Nozzle for I-25 (Dark Green #23)
46-3412   Hunter 46-3412 Sprinkler Nozzle for I-25 (Black #28)
460010   Hunter 460010 Standard Nozzle Set for I-25 Ultra Rotor
462373   Hunter 462373 Standard Nozzle Set for I-60/G-60 ADS Rotor
462458   Hunter 462458 Standard Nozzle Set for I-40 Ultra Rotor
463400   Hunter 463400 I-25 Ultra Rotor Non-Standard Nozzle Set
463551   Hunter 463551 Shrub Rotor Staking Kit
466100   Hunter 466100 I-20 Rotor Short Radius Nozzle Set
466500   Hunter 466500 Main Module for Pro-C Controller
5-CST-B   Hunter 5-CST-B Dual-Stream Center Strip Bubbler Nozzle
52-6500   Hunter 52-6500 Replacement Transformer for Indoor Pro-C Timers
526200   Hunter 526200 PRO-C Controller Front Panel
538700   Hunter 538700 PGJ Standard Rotor Nozzle Set
60-6800   Hunter 60-6800 Replacement Solenoid for Hunter Valves
665300   Hunter 665300 Standard Nozzle Set for Non-Ultra PGP Rotors
782900   Hunter 782900 Standard and Low Angle Nozzle Set for Ultra Rotors
820200   Hunter 820200-Pro Base Pro-C Module for Pro-C Controller
821501   Hunter 821501-Pro-C Controller Front Panel
ACC-1200   Hunter ACC-1200 12 Zone Remote-Ready Modular Outdoor Sprinkler Timer
ACC-1200-PP   Hunter ACC-1200-PP 12 Zone ACC Sprinkler Timer And Plastic Pedestal
ACC-PED   Hunter ACC-PED Metal Pedestal for I-Core and ACC Controllers
ACCU-SYNC-20   Hunter ACCU-SYNC-20 20PSI Pressure Regulator
ACCU-SYNC-30   Hunter ACCU-SYNC-30 30PSI Pressure Regulator
ACCU-SYNC-40   Hunter ACCU-SYNC-40 40PSI Pressure Regulator
ACCU-SYNC-50   Hunter ACCU-SYNC-50 50PSI Pressure Regulator
ACCU-SYNC-70   Hunter ACCU-SYNC-70 70PSI Pressure Regulator
ACCU-SYNC-ADJ   Hunter ACCU-SYNC-ADJ Adjustable Pressure Regulator for Hunter Valve
ACM-600   Hunter ACM-600 6 Station Expansion Module for ACC Timers
ACZ-075-25   Hunter ACZ-075-25 Pre-Assembled Zone Control Kit w/ 3/4 in. ASV Valve
ACZ-075-40   Hunter ACZ-075-40 Pre-Assembled Zone Control Kit w/ 3/4 in. ASV Valve
AFB   Hunter AFB Adjustable Flood Bubbler
AGM-600   Hunter AGM-600 6 Zone Surge Protection Expansion Module for ACC Timers
BPSW   Hunter BPSW Bypass Switch Box
ACC-1200-SOLARSYNC   Hunter Bundle ACC-1200-SOLARSYNC
PC-400-SOLARSYNC   Hunter Bundle PC-400-SOLARSYNC
PC-400-WSS   Hunter Bundle PC-400-WSS
PC-400I-WSS   Hunter Bundle PC-400I-WSS
PCC1200-WSS   Hunter Bundle PCC1200-WSS
PCC1200i-WSS   Hunter Bundle PCC1200i-WSS
PCC600-WSS   Hunter Bundle PCC600-WSS
PCC600i-WSS   Hunter Bundle PCC600i-WSS
XC-400-WSS   Hunter Bundle XC-400-WSS
XC-400I-WSS   Hunter Bundle XC-400I-WSS
XC-600-WSS   Hunter Bundle XC-600-WSS
XC-600I-WSS   Hunter Bundle XC-600I-WSS
XC-800-WSS   Hunter Bundle XC-800-WSS
XC-800I-WSS   Hunter Bundle XC-800I-WSS
CS-530   Hunter CS-530 5 ft. x 30 ft. Center Strip Pattern Nozzle
Dura-2PGV-Barb   Hunter Dura-2PGV-Barb PGV Standard Barb 2 Valve Manifold
Dura-2PGV-SLIP   Hunter Dura-2PGV-SLIP PGV Standard Slip 2 Valve Manifold
Dura-3PGV-Barb   Hunter Dura-3PGV-Barb PGV Standard Barb 3 Valve Manifold
Dura-3PGV-SLIP   Hunter Dura-3PGV-SLIP PGV Standard Slip 3 Valve Manifold
Dura-4PGV-Barb   Hunter Dura-4PGV-Barb PGV Standard Barb 4 Valve Manifold
Dura-4PGV-SLIP   Hunter Dura-4PGV-SLIP PGV Standard Slip 4 Valve Manifold
ES-515   Hunter ES-515 5 ft. x 15 ft. End Strip Pattern Nozzle
ET-Wind   Hunter ET-Wind Wind Speed Anemometer (Optional)
FCT-100   Hunter FCT-100 1 inch PVC Tee Fitting for Flow-Click Sensor Body
FCT-150   Hunter FCT-150 1.5 inch PVC Tee Fitting for Flow Click Sensor Body
FCT-200   Hunter FCT-200 2 inch PVC Tee Fitting for Flow-Click Sensor Body
FCT-300   Hunter FCT-300 3 inch PVC Tee Fitting for Flow-Click Sensor Body
Flow-Clik   Hunter Flow-Clik Flow Sensor with PVC Tee Fitting
Freeze-Clik   Hunter Freeze-Clik Freeze-Click Freeze Sensor
HC-50F-50F   Hunter HC-50F-50F-1/2 in FPT X 1/2 in FPT Check Valve
HC-50F-50M   Hunter HC-50F-50M-1/2 in FPT X 1/2 in MPT Check Valve
HC-75F-75M   Hunter HC-75F-75M-3/4 in FPT X 3/4 in MPT Check Valve
HFS   Hunter HFS Flow Sensor for ACC Timers
HSBE-TOOL   Hunter HSBE Tool
HSBE-050   Hunter HSBE-050 1/2 in. MPT x Swing Pipe Spiral Barb Elbow
HSBE-075   Hunter HSBE-075 3/4 in. MPT x Swing Pipe Spiral Barb Elbow
HU-KEYS   Hunter HU-KEYS Sprinkler Timer Cabinet Replacement Keys (Set of 2)
I20-00   Hunter I20-00 Adjustable Arc Shrub Rotor
I20-04   Hunter I20-04 4 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor
I20-04-R   Hunter I20-04-R 4 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor for Reclaimed Water
I20-04-SS   Hunter I20-04-SS 4 in. Pop-Up Stainless Steel Adjustable Arc Rotor
I20-04-SS-R   Hunter I20-04-SS-R 4 in. Stainless Adj Arc Rotor for Reclaimed Water
I20-06   Hunter I20-06 6 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor
I20-06-R   Hunter I20-06-R 6 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor for Reclaimed Water
I20-06-SS-R   Hunter I20-06-SS-R 6 in. Stainless Adj Arc Rotor for Reclaimed Water
I20-12   Hunter I20-12 12 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor
I20-12-R   Hunter I20-12-R 12 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor for Reclaimed Water
I25-04   Hunter I25-04 4 in. Pop-Up Adjustable Arc Rotor
I25-04-R   Hunter I25-04-R 4 in. Pop-up Adjustable Arc Rotor for Reclaimed Water
I25-04-SS   Hunter I25-04-SS 4 in. Pop-Up Stainless Steel Adjustable Arc Rotor
I25-04-SS-R   Hunter I25-04-SS-R 4 in. Stainless Adj. Arc Pop-up for Reclaimed Water

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