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HRB-150-FF-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRB-150-FF-FC Commercial Valve 1 1/2 inch NPT
HRB-200-FF-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRB-200-FF-FC Commercial Valve 2 inch NPT
HRB-XXX-SD-RP   NEW Hydro-Rain HRBV-XXX-SD-RP HRB Series Solenoid 24v
HRC-990-MS-MD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC 990-MS-MD Moisture Sensor Module
HRC-100-C-04   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-100-C-04 4 Station Controller-3 Programs
HRC-100-C-06   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-100-C-06 6 Station Controller-3 Programs
HRC-100-C-09   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-100-C-09 9 Station Controller-3 Programs
HRC-100-C-12   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-100-C-12 12 Station Controller-3 Programs
HRC-390-06-NA   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-390-06-NA 6 Station Touch Screen Combo
HRC-390-12-NA   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-390-12-NA 12 Station Touch Screen Combo
HRC-980-TAP-01   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-980-TAP-01 Digital Hose Tap Timer -1 Outlet
HRC-980-TAP-02   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-980-TAP-02 Digital Hose Tap Timer- 2 Outlet
HRC-990-04-MS   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-990-04-MS 4 Station Battery Controller
HRC-990-DV-AD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-990-DV-AD Solenoid Adapter for 990DV
HRC-990-PB-SD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-990-PB-SD Solenoid Adapter for HRB/PEB
HRC-990-RS-MD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-990-RS-MD Freeze Sensor Module
HRC-990-SD-MD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-990-SD-MD 13 Volt Solenoid- HRC 990
HRC-990-SP-MD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-990-SP-MD Solar Power Module for HRC 990
HRC-990-UN-SD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRC-990-UN-SD Universal DC Pigtail Solenoid -2
HRJ-100-FF-00   NEW Hydro-Rain HRJ-100-FF-00 Jar Top Valve 1 inch
HRJ-XXX-SD-RP   NEW Hydro-Rain HRJ-XXX-SD-RP HRJ Series Solenoid 24v
HRM-100-UX-CA   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Fbt Cap
HRM-100-UF-1X   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM 100-UF-1X 100 Fbt Swivelx1 in Fipt Adapter
HRM-100-UM-1X   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM 100-UM-1X 100 Fbt Swivelx1 in Mipt Adapter
HRM-100-01-BD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM-100-01-BD 1-Port Manifold Body
HRM-100-02-BD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM-100-02-BD 2-Port Manifold Body
HRM-100-03-BD   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM-100-03-BD 3-Port Manifold Body
HRM-100-US-1X   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM-100-US-1X 100 Fbt Swivel x 1 in Slip Adapter
HRM-100-UU-CP   NEW Hydro-Rain HRM-100-UU-CP 100 Fbt Swivel Coupling
HRN-100-SA-PL   NEW Hydro-Rain HRN-100-SA-PL-Shrub Adapter
HRP-200-ML   NEW Hydro-Rain HRP-200-ML Audit Catch Cup 12/Bag
HRS-100-04-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRS-100-04-FC Slim Spray Head 4 inch w/Flush Cap
HRS-100-06-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRS-100-06-FC Slim Spray Head 6 inchw/Flush Cap
HRS-200-04-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRS-200-04-FC-Commercial Pop-UP w/Flush Cap
HRS-200-04-PC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRS-200-04-PC-Commercial Pop-UP w/Flush Cap
HRS-200-06-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRS-200-06-FC-Commercial Pop-UP w/Flush Cap
HRS-200-12-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRS-200-12-FC-Commercial Pop-UP w/Flush Cap
HRV-075-EA-CH   NEW Hydro-Rain HRV-075-EA-CH 3/4 inch Brass Electric Adapter
HRV-075-FF-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRV-075-FF-FC 3/4 inch Auto Inline Valve w/Flow
HRV-100-EA-CH   NEW Hydro-Rain HRV-100-EA-CH 1 inch Brass Electric Adapter
HRV-100-FF-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRV-100-FF-FC 1 in NPT Auto Reverse Flow Valve
HRV-100-SS-FC   NEW Hydro-Rain HRV-100-SS-FC 1 in Slip Auto Reverse Flow Valve
HRV-XXX-SD-RP   NEW Hydro-Rain HRV-XXX-SD-RP HRV Series Solenoid 24v
HRW-102-22-BL   NEW Hydro-Rain HRW-102-22-BL Speed Seal Medium Wire Nut
HRW-102-41-BL   NEW Hydro-Rain HRW-102-41-BL Speed Seal Medium Wire Nut
HRW-201-11-TN   NEW Hydro-Rain HRW-201-11-TN Speed Seal Large Wire Nut
HRW-201-36-TN   NEW Hydro-Rain HRW-201-36-TN Speed Seal Large Wire Nut
HRW-611-35-PK   NEW Hydro-Rain HRW-611-35-PK Speed Seal Small Wire Nut
HRW-611-46-PK   NEW Hydro-Rain HRW-611-46-PK Speed Seal Small Wire Nut
PVCL-RTL-050   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL- RTL-050 1/2 in PVC-Lock Release Tool
PVCL-401-007   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-401-007 3/4in PVC-Lock Tee
PVCL-401-010   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-401-010 1in PVC-Lock Tee
PVCL-401-102   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-401-102 3/4 in X 1 in PVC-Lock Bull Tee
PVCL-402-005   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-402-005 1/2 in PVC-Lock X 1/2in FPT Tee
PVCL-402-101   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-402-101 3/4in x 1/2 in FPT PVC-Lock Tee
PVCL-402-130   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-402-130 1 PVC in x 1/2 in FPT Tee
PVCL-406-007   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-406-007 3/4in PVC-Lock Elbow
PVCL-406-010   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-406-010 1in PVC-Lock Elbow
PVCL-407-005   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-407-005 1/2in PVC-Lock X 1/2in FPT Elbow
PVCL-407-101   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-407-101 3/4in x 1/2 in FPT PVC-Lock Elbow
PVCL-407-130   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-407-130 1in PVC-Lock x 1/2 FPT Elbow
PVCL-429-007   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-429-007 3/4in PVC-Lock Coupling
PVCL-429-010   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-429-010 1 in PVC-Lock Coupling
PVCL-429-101   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-429-101 3/4in x 1/2 in Reducer Coupling
PVCL-429-131   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-429-131 1 3/4 in PVC-Lock Reducer Coupling
PVCL-436-007   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-436-007 3/4in x 3/4 in MPT Adapter
PVCL-436-010   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-436-010 1 in PVC-Lock x 1in MPT Adapter
PVCL-447-007   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-447-007 3/4in PVC-Lock Cap
PVCL-447-010   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-447-010 1 in PVC-Lock Cap
PVCL-BVL-TOOL   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-BVL-TOOL PVC-Lock Pipe Bevel Tool
PVCL-FPC-050   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-FPC-050 1/2 in PVC-Lock Flexible Coupling
PVCL-FPC-075   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-FPC-075 3/4in PVC- Lock Flexible Coupling
PVCL-FPC-100   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-FPC-100 1 in PVC-Lock Flexible Coupling
PVCL-RTL-075   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-RTL-075 3/4 in PVC-Lock Release Tool
PVCL-RTL-100   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-RTL-100 1 in PVC-Lock Release Tool
PVCL-SFX-050   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-SFX-050 1/2 in PVC-Lock Slide Repair Fitting
PVCL-SFX-075   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-SFX-075 3/4 in PVC-Lock Slide Repair Fitting
PVCL-SFX-100   NEW Hydro-Rain PVCL-SFX-100 1 in PVC-Lock Slide Repair Fitting
IP-82404-25   NEW IP-82404-25- Imperial Controller Aluminum Pin (25 Qty)
300-1   NEW IRRITROL 1 in Glass-Reinforced Nylon Valve Adapter
300-75   NEW IRRITROL 3/4 in Glass-Reinforced Nylon Valve Adapter
311A-1   NEW IRRITROL ANTI-SIPHON 1 in flow control-internal bleed
311A-75   NEW IRRITROL ANTI-SIPHON 3/4 in flow control-internal bleed
UF100   NEW Jobber Richard Uniflo 1" Check Valve
16000AZT27   NEW Kichler 16000AZT27-12V-3W-10-DEG-SPOT-AZT
16007AZT27   NEW Kichler 16007AZT27-12V-6.5W-35-DEG-FLOOD-AZT
16009AZT27   NEW Kichler 16009AZT27-12V-13W-10-DEG-SPOT-AZT
16034BBR27   NEW Kichler-16034BBR27-12V-Inground-35-DEG-FLOOD
81912   NEW King Innovation Wire Mesh Grips
89134   NEW Midwest Rake 89134 Bullhead 4 inch Trenching Shovel
MR11-2NW-FL-LED   NEW MR11-2NW-FL-LED ProLED 2.2W 30Deg Flood Light
LP3005B3   NEW MUNRO LP3005B3 5 HP 3 PH
MPSR24-G   NEW Munro MPSR24-G StartBox 24 Volt Pump Start Relay-Gray
2381   NEW NDS Channel Drain 90 Degree Elbow with Grate
58108N   NEW Orbit 58108N Plastic Quick Connect Faucet Set
PFDF256   NEW PFDF256- 4SWR 1/4 Bend Long Turn
PPBE35-040   NEW PPBE35-040 SDR35 4 inch Solid Sewer Pipe 20 ft pieces
B40685   NEW Rain Bird Piston Repl. Kit -Fits AVA -1 In., APAS-.75 In. or 1 In.
ESPLXBASIC   NEW RainBird ESPLXBASIC 12 Station Controller
RK-811   NEW RK-811- Universal Solenoid Replacement Encapsulated Plunger
5511-000600-60-81   NEW RTS 5511-000600-60-81 Portobello w/Black Sstripes 87 gallon
RWSP10P1   NEW RWSP10P1 - Water Sentury - 1 Horse Centrifugal Pump
RWSP15P1   NEW RWSP15P1 - Water Sentury - 1.5 Horse Centrifugal Pump
RWSP20P1   NEW RWSP20P1 - Water Sentury - 2 Horse Centrifulgal Pump
SHAREITELLIG   NEW Signature Scs-Share Software Platform Intelligence
SOL-25   NEW SOL-25- Universal Solenoid with Bleed Screw-Super Max
SOL-702   NEW SOL-702-Replacement for Rainbird 601-702 and Buckner Black Coil
SprinklerMagician-4   NEW SprinklerMagician-4-12 Zone Dual Reservoir Machine
Universal-Brass-Ring   NEW Universal-Brass-Ring
V14201-C   NEW VALCON-V14201 Bonnet Cover 1-1/4 inch 1-1/2 inch
LF288A-025   NEW Watts 2 1/2 inch AVB Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
LX-12A   NEW Weathermatic LX-12A 12 in Adjustable Spray Head
LX-12H   NEW Weathermatic LX-12H 12 in Half Circle Spray Head
O8303   O8303 1 in. MPT x 1 in. O-Ring MPT PVC Pipe Nipple
O8303-131   O8303-131 1 in. MPT x 3/4 in. O-Ring MPT PVC Pipe Nipple
20019   Oatey 20019 0.125 Gauge 1 lb. 50/50 Wire Solder
22004   Oatey 22004 95/5 0.117 Gauge 1/2 Lb. Lead Free Wire Solder
22017   Oatey 22017 95/5 0.117 Gauge 1 Lb. Lead Free Wire Solder
2246S   Oatey 2246S 16 Oz. Regular Clear PVC Cement
2266S   Oatey 2266S 4 Oz. Regular Clear PVC Cement
23000   Oatey 23000 1/2 Lb. 0.117 Gauge Silver Lead Free Plumbing Solder
23001   Oatey 23001 1 Lb. 0.117 Gauge Silver Lead Free Plumbing Solder
2446S   Oatey 2446S 16 Oz. Turf-Tite Blue Hot Medium PVC Cement
2456S   Oatey 2456S 8 Oz. Turf-Tite Blue Hot Medium PVC Cement
2466S   Oatey 2466S 4 Oz. Turf-Tite Blue Hot Medium PVC Cement
30014   Oatey 30014 8 Oz. No. 5 Lead Free Paste Flux
30372   Oatey 30372 8 Oz. No. 95 Lead Free Tinning Flux
30374   Oatey 30374 1.7 Oz. No. 95 Lead Free Tinning Flux
30711   Oatey 30711 1/2 in. Horsehair Acid Brush
30783   Oatey 30783 8 Oz. Purple All-Purpose Primer/Cleaner
30796   Oatey 30796 16 Oz. Purple All-Purpose Primer/Cleaner
30806   Oatey 30806 32 Oz. Purple All-Purpose Primer/Cleaner
30821   Oatey 30821 8 Oz. All-Purpose Cement
30834   Oatey 30834 16 Oz. All-Purpose Cement
30847   Oatey 30847 32 Oz. All-Purpose Cement
30879   Oatey 30879 32 Oz. Low-VOC PVC Flexible Clear Cement
30891   Oatey 30891 8 Oz. PVC Rain-R-Shine Blue Cement
30893   Oatey 30893 16 Oz. PVC Rain-R-Shine Blue Cement
30894   Oatey 30894 32 Oz. PVC Rain-R-Shine Blue Cement
31199   Oatey 31199 260 in. Roll of 1/2 inch White PTFE Thread Seal Tape
31229   Oatey 31229 1 fl. oz. Great White Pipe Joint Compound with Teflon (PTFE)
31230   Oatey 31230 4 fl. oz. Great White Pipe Joint Compound with Teflon (PTFE)
31231   Oatey 31231 8 fl. oz. Great White Pipe Joint Compound with Teflon (PTFE)
31261   Oatey 31261 4 fl. oz. Great Blue Pipe Joint Compound
31317   Oatey 31317 1-1/2 in. x 30 ft. 120 Grit Abrasive Sandcloth
31320   Oatey 31320 1-1/2 in. x 15 ft. 180 Open Mesh Cloth Sand
31327   Oatey 31327 Heavy Duty Fitting Brush For 1/2 in. Fittings
31328   Oatey 31328 Heavy Duty Fitting Brush for 3/4 in. Fittings
31329   Oatey 31329 Heavy Duty Fitting Brush for 1 in. Fittings
31330   Oatey 31330 Heavy Duty Fitting Brush for 1-1/4 in. Fittings
31331   Oatey 31331 Heavy Duty Fitting Brush for 1-1/2 in. Fittings
31332   Oatey 31332 Heavy Duty Fitting Brush for 2 in. Fittings
31345   Oatey 31345 1/2 in. Tube Cleaning Brush
31346   Oatey 31346 3/4 in. Tube Cleaning Brush
31347   Oatey 31347 1 in. Tube Cleaning Brush
31407   Oatey 31407 4-in-1 Fitting Brush
8724   Oatey 8724 NSF Listed Purple PVC Primer Gallon
8736S   Oatey 8736S 32 oz. NSF Listed Purple Primer
8746S   Oatey 8746S LOW-VOC Purple Primer (16 fl. oz.)
OD095-101   OD095-101 Orange Diamond Line 1 lb Donut
26030   Orbit 26030 Sprinkler Pull Up Tool
26073D   Orbit 26073D 1/2 Professional Series Nipple Extractor
26074W   Orbit 26074W Plastic Nipple Extractor
26098   Orbit 26098 Sprinkler Tool Set
37017   Orbit 37017 1/2 in Mnpt x 2 1/2 in Riser Extension
37056   Orbit 37056 3/4 in Mnpt x 4 in Riser Extension
37111   Orbit 37111 1/2 in Mnpt X 4 in Multi-ex Riser
37128   Orbit 37128 1/2 in Mnpt X 6 in Multi-ex Riser
37333   Orbit 37300 Sprinkler Adj Riser Aluminum 16 in to 30 in
37330   Orbit 37330 Sprinkler Adjustable Riser 16 in to 30 in w/12 ft Nozzle
53027   Orbit 53027 Aluminum Head Wrench
53036   Orbit 53036-3/4 Swivel fht x fnpt Brass Adapter
53037   Orbit 53037 - 3/4"FHT X 1/2"FPT Brass Swivel
53066   Orbit 53066 Automatic Brass Anti-siphon Valve Diaphragm Kit
53067   Orbit 53067 Automatic Brass Anti-siphon Valve Actuator Kit
53259   Orbit 53259 - 3/4" MHT x 3/4" MHT Brass Coupling
53260   Orbit 53260-3/4 Swivel fht Brass Coupling
53261   Orbit 53261-3/4 mht x 1/2 mnpt Brass Adapter
53333N   Orbit 53333N Walkway Tunnel Kit
56038   Orbit 56038 1/2 inch X 50 ft Garden Hose
56123   Orbit 56123 Designer Port-a-Rain with Adjustable Nozzles
56437   Orbit 56437 Zinc/Aluminum Male Professional Hose Mender
56438   Orbit 56438 - Zinc/Aluminum Female Professional Hose Mender
56439   Orbit 56439 Zinc/Aluminum Repair Professional Hose Mender
57003   Orbit 57003 Sprinkler Timer Fuse
57040   Orbit 57040 24 Volt Sprinkler Timer Transformer
57045   Orbit 57045 Automatic Inline Valve Diaphragm Kit
57046   Orbit 57046 Automatic External Bleed Valve Diaphragm
57078   Orbit 57078 Automatic Anti-siphon Valve Diaphragm
57095   Orbit 57095 All Weather Sprinkler Timer Cabinet
57473   Orbit 57473 Automatic Jar Top Valve Diaphragm
58040N   Orbit 58040N Brass Sweeper Nozzle
58061N   Orbit 58061N Zinc Hose Y
58085N   Orbit 58085N Plastic Hose Y
58087N   Orbit 58087N Zinc Coupling
58089N   Orbit 58089N Plastic Quick Connect Set
58090N   Orbit 58090N Rubber Hose Washer
58092N   Orbit 58092N Port-a-Rain Sprinkler System
58101N   Orbit 58101N Plastic Male Quick Connect Set

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