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Septic Aerators

Septic aerators pump oxygen into your septic tank and help natural bacteria grow. Under these conditions the bacteria in the tank can live healthy, and waste leaving the tank will be cleaner than in a conventional septic system. Sprinkler Warehouse offers different brands, and styles of aerators for each individualís personal preference or need.

The 411 on Aerator Pumps

Aerobic is a system that requires air but has a 98% clean out of the tank. This allows for fewer clean outs and clogs. The aerobic bacteria treatment process is significantly more efficient than a conventional septic system. Accelerated and thorough, as well as producing a safe and odorless gas, the aerobic system requires an aerator pump to function properly.

The aerator pumps that Sprinkler Warehouse carries have low power consumption, quiet operation, low vibration, low pulsation, long life, and on top of all that are easy to service. It is highly recommended that you clean the filters in your air pump every 6 months and replace them every year with new filters. Most air pumps that we carry have the option of a cooling fan to help promote a longer life as well as come pre-wired for high voltage.