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Bubbler Nozzles: Spray Heads Bubbler nozzles are an great water-conserving option; even more efficient than regular spray nozzles or drip irrigation. With 30 PSI built-in pressure compensation and a variety of flow rates, our selection of bubbler nozzles will meet your plants' individual watering needs. Bubbler nozzles are compatible with most standard spray heads.

Bubbler Nozzles

Bubbler nozzles offer better-than-drip-irrigation watering efficiency, and feature new water pressure compensation technology. This new technology allows sprinkler bubblers to compensate for pressure differences and keep water flow constant, resulting in precise application.

What's the Difference Between Bubblers and Bubbler Nozzles?

The difference between bubblers and bubbler nozzles is in how they connect to the system. Bubbler nozzles screw onto a spray head, just like other types of spray nozzles. Bubblers connect to the water system through a shrub stick, pipe nipple, or swing joint. Bubblers essentially remove the need for a spray body, while bubbler nozzles require a spray body to operate.

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