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Steps To Complete Your Landscape Lighting Plan

1. Draw a Diagram (picture) of Your Property or Area You Want to Light.
2. Identify the Things (statues, trees, paths, water features) and Areas You Want to light.
3. Choose Your Light Fixtures and Mark Your Drawing Where You Will Place Them. (select the ones that provide the lighting effect and look you want for each area you plan to light)
4. Total Up the Individual Bulb Wattages of All the Selected Light Fixtures in Your System.
5. Select a Transformer Based on the Load (the Total Wattage of All the Lights You Will Operate From the Transformer), and Mark a Location on Your Drawing Where You Will Place it.
6. Select a Cable Size based on Your Cable Run Lengths and the Total Wattage Used by the Bulbs on Each Run.
7. Draw Lines on Your Plan to Indicate Your Cable Runs.
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