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How To Add Modules To A Modular Irrigation Controller

How To Add Modules To A Modular Irrigation Controller

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Most irrigation controllers are supplied with a factory-installed base module with the option to add more modules if desired. Additional modules may be added to expand the controller capabilities and provide terminals for up to 15 valves total (depending on the manufacturer and model). Additional modules are sold separately and can be purchased here.


You can install optional modules in any open position in the cabinet. The valve numbers associated with each terminal (e.g. 5, 6, and 7) are molded into the cabinet.

Irrigation controller open with an open modular spot.
Number 1
Open the front panel and locate an open slot in the cabinet
Irrigation controller open with a new expansion module added to open spot.
Number 2
Make sure the lever on the module is in the unlocked position (pointing to the left). Place the module in the slow between the plastic rails.
Irrigation controller open with and expansion module being locked into place.
Number 3
Push the module toward the top of the cabinet. Then slide the lever to the locked position (to the right).
Irrigation controller open with completed wiring
Number 4
Re-wire and you are finished!


Irrigation controller open with an expansion module being removed.

To remove a module, slide the lever to the unlocked position and pull the module out of the slot.
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