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EZ-FLO EZFLO-COMBO-2 Fertilizer Combo Pak
EZ-FLO Irrigation Fertilizer Combo Pack
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Product Code: EZFLO-COMBO-2

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GRM251510: 25-15-10 NPK
GRM28818: 28-8-18 NPK
GRM102030: 10-20-30 NPK

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ROOT-MAXX-1 - (2 Gallon)

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EZ-FLO EZFLO-COMBO-2 Fertilizer Combo Pak

EZ Flo Combo

Includes: 25 lbs. bag of Grow More fertilizer and 2 gallons of Turf and Garden Pro Bio-Stimulant Soil Conditioner. Refills an EZ Flo 2-1/2 gal. Tank Assembly 2 to 3 times or an EZ Flo 4-1/4 gal. Tank Assembly 1 to 2 times.

Fertilizer Choices

You have many choices when you use EZ-FLO to dispense fertilizers. The key to doing it correctly lies in the way we "micro-dose" which allows you to fertilize every time you water for maximum plant health and no risk of plant damage due to over-fertilizing.

Since all our non-hazardous fertilizers are applied in micro-doses (ratio of water to product from 400 to 1 down to 15,000 to 1), they can be applied confidently to landscapes where children and pets are active. A 400 to 1 ratio is the equivalent of 2 teaspoons per gallon of water put down while the 15,000 to 1 ratio is equivalent to only 1/20 of a teaspoon to a gallon of water. That's what we mean when we say we "micro-dose". Even a small amount of fertilizer works if its dispensed every time you water.

A number of school districts and colleges use our products on their campuses--what could be a better endorsement? A number of school districts and colleges use our products on their campuses--what could be a better endorsement?

EZ-FLO fertilizers are sold in a variety of container sizes--bags as well as bottles and pails. Please contact your distributor to see what sizes and blends that they carry. If they don't have them in stock for you, then simply ask them to order any of the blends listed below. They will be able to get them for you with a few days.

EZ-FLO distributes fertilizers in three general categories:

Synthetic - Natural - Organic

All of the above fertilizers are classified as non-hazardous on their respective MSDS sheets which are available in the table below and on our Fert Selector page.

All of the above fertilizers are classified as non-hazardous on their respective MSDS sheets which are available in the table below.

Remember to use a bio-stimulant product if you use synthetic blends of water soluble fertilizers. Bio-Stimulants (or soil fertility boosters) enhance and develop soli fertility which can be sapped over time if synthetic fertilizers are used exclusively. Eventually fertilizers lose their effectiveness if there is salt buildup and carbon depletion.

Superior Results with Premium Fertilizers

Not all fertilizers are created alike. You will get superior results from premium fertilizers offered by EZ-FLO. However the choice of fertilizer is up to you. In addition to having less salts and fewer impurities (which can be dangerous), most of the fertilizers we offer contain a full package of micronutrients as well. Below is a picture of a landscape before and after EZ-FLO fertilizers have been used in an EZ-FLO fertilizer dispensing system. The difference in time between the pictures was a span of 4 weeks! Despite what you might suspect---these pictures are not touched up and show the power of applying good quality fertilizers with an organic soil fertility booster.

What's in Fertilizer?

All fertilizers use this standard concentration rating system to show the percentage of each fertilizer element as part of the total blend. All plants make use each of these macro-nutrients, but in varying degrees. Regardless of how much the plant needs, they make more effective use of any macro-nutrient when presented to the plant in small doses every time you water. If you want more information about fertilizers, please click on this link for a helpful article appearing in the March 2007 Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine called "The ABCs of N-P-K" Click Here.

The numbering system is standard throughout the industry for all fertilizers and represents the relative strength (concentration) of various macro-nutrients that all fertilizers possess. Commonly referred to as N-P-K levels.

First Number Second Number Third Number
N-Nitrogen % P-Phosphorous % K-Potassium %

Generally you will not see any fertilizers having a total concentration (N + P + K) greater than 60%. Most water soluble fertilizers have 50% to 100% higher concentration levels than liquid fertilizers since they do not have to be held in solution. Liquid fertilizers, by their nature, have to be less concentrated since they need to keep all elements in solution. In addition, liquids tend to be a bit more costly to the end user for the equivalent fertilizer amount since you are paying to ship water along with the fertilizer content. Most natural or organic fertilizers have even lower analyses and NPK numbers as well.

EZ-FLO offers a number of water soluble formulations that are specifically designed to feed your entire landscape any time of the year but are customized to enhance specific results.

EZ and Grow More designated fertilizers are synthetic blends, meaning that they have been blended by chemists with fertilizer building blocks. They are of very pure quality and do not have many of the heavy metals found in standard granular fertilizers which makes them much more safe to use.

Natural fertilizers are naturally derived and usually have a mix of organics and beneficial microbes .

Organic products are labeled as such and usually have an organic certification from an independent standards body. All organic products contain a significant degree of carbon whether these are mined products or by-products of animals or plants.

All fertilizers recommended by EZ-FLO contain a broad level of micronutrients to ensure optimum plant health.

We have found the most effective landscape blends consist of a high-quality, synthetic fertilizer with a high analysis (like the ones listed below) combined with an organic soil fertility product ( or "bio-stimulant") to make sure that the organic base of the soil is enhanced and the fertilizer effect is magnified. We find this combination significantly enhances the time between refills far more than what you get using diluted liquid fertilizers or simple straight synthetics.

The advantage of EZ-FLO is that you can use water solubles, as well as liquid organic soil fertility boosters in combination, with other products. We don't limit your ability to dispense any particular product. With any liquid fertilizer, you must refill more frequently to get the same fertilizer analysis applied to the landscape as you would with a concentrated water soluble. That's why EZ-FLO dispensing systems using water solubles require less refilling when compared to dispensers that only use liquids.

Nobody likes to refill--EXTEND YOUR REFILL TIME with EZ-FLO Plus a Bio-Stimulant!

Choosing the Right Fertilizer for Your Needs

Because EZ-FLO proportions at very low parts per million, none of the listed fertilizers will harm the plants in your landscape. However some blends emphasize certain nutrients that can optimize the results that you get at varying times of the year. In making sure you have choices, we know that some users may be partial to organics or natural fertilizers over synthetics--so we offer more than one selection in most cases!

Landscapes can mature more quickly using EZ-FLO fertilizers delivered through an EZ-FLO dispenser. Below is a picture of a new landscape when it first went in and the same landscape one year later. Same plants...Can you see the difference?.....Need we say more?

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