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EZ-FLO Water Treatment
EZ-Flo 128 oz. Carboxylic Acids Supplement | HYDRO-CLEANSE-1
  • 1 gal jug - Hard Water Treatment
  • Cleans drip emitters, opens up plugged systems, prevents plugging, keeps drip system clean
  • Reduces PH, loosens clay, buffers hard water
  • Apply alone or with IRON-MAXX
  • The only acid compatible with EZ-FLO injectors
  • Application rates down to 1 Gallon per acre

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EZ-FLO Water Treatment
EZ-Flo 128 oz. 6% Nitrogen and 12% Calcium Supplement | MAXX-FLUSH-1
  • 1 gal jug - Salt Reduction Product
  • Eliminates salt adds calcium to soil
  • Saves water, reduces nutrient and chemical requirements
  • Helps remove excessive salts, Excellent for reclaimed water
  • Apply alone, 2-1/2 Gallons per 10,000 SQ. FT.

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EZ-FLO Water Treatment
EZ-Flo 128 oz. Carboxylic Acids and Nonionic Surfactants Supplement | HYDRO-MAXX-1
  • 1 gal jug - Surfactant and Penetrent for Water Reduction
  • Surfactant that can mix with all FERTI-MAXX products and/or fertilizer blend
  • Frees calcium allowing nutrients to penetrate the full soil profile
  • Provides consistent moisture penetration and reduces water runoff
  • Low application rate of 32 oz. per acre

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Water-Maxx Water Treatment

WATER-MAXX Water Treatment products are designed to improve soil and water quality to maximize fertilizer and irrigation efficiency. Issues with water can be the primary cause of poor landscape health and irrigation performance. WATER-MAXX products are designed to treat the most common issues with water quality in irrigated landscapes.

Even though the EZ-FLO system can deliver any liquid or water soluble product, the results delivered by the EZ-FLO system go hand in hand with the quality of the products it delivers.

HYDRO-MAXX: Wetting Agent and Organic Acids designed to increase water penetration and retention while freeing calcium and nutrients in the soil (all water and soil types)

MAXX-FLUSH: Leaches salts and adds calcium to the soil (clay soils and reclaimed water)

HYDRO-CLEANSE: Organic Acids designed to free calcium, unclog emitters, lower soil pH, and treat hard water situations (well water / hard water)

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