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Grow More 25 lbs. 10N-20P-30K Fertilizer | GRM102030-25
Grow More Fertilizer
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EZ-FLO GRM102030-25 25 lbs. Start/Transplant 10-20-30 Fertilizer

This formulation is recommended for new landscapes or transplants. It will supply the phosphorus and potash necessary to essential root establishment and development and give the plants needed vigor and strength to thrive in this formative stage.

This formula is also a good blend to prepare your landscape for winter. Before the landscape enters a dormant winter stage, we suggest building a strong carbohydrate reserve to increase the turf and plant material's strength and stiffness, as well as triggering the metabolic change that will help it survive at lower temperatures. This formula can be described as a Starter Formula, a Transplant Formula and a Winterizer Formula.

Organic and Natural Solutions - Superior Results

EZ-FLO has an extensive selection of high quality organic and natural solutions.These eco-friendly products contain organic bio-stimulants, organic humic and fulvic acids and other soil enriching materials that improve the soil structure and its natural biological chemistry. These products enhance the plant�s ability to uptake nutrients and to establish a healthy root structure. Use of these solutions also reduces salt buildup in the soil created by chemical fertilizers and recycled grey (effluent) water.

Filling Your EZ-FLO Dispenser

Filling your EZ-FLO System is very easy and takes only a minute or two. We recommend using a heavy duty funnel (Part# EZ-FNLSC) that is stable when placed into the fill throat of the unit. This allows you to pour the water soluble fertilizer directly into the tank and then dissolve it with water. No pre-mixing is required since the units are designed with an agitation fitting to keep the solution in suspension once the unit has been filled and topped off.

High Capacity systems can use the optional High Capacity Fill System (Part # EZ-FNLHC) consisting of a removable fill funnel with a 17 in. diameter hopper along with an integrated water mixing system that can solubulize 25 lb. bags in a single pour. The integrated water mixing system connects to one of the tank shut-off valves which greatly speeds the refill of high capacity (HC) units.

Use Less Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers shortcut the organic cycle and feed the plants directly without tending to the soil�s health. Studies have proven that chemical fertilizers rapidly deplete soil fertility which then requires the use of more and more fertilizer to get the same results. This negative cycle can be reversed by using EZ-FLO to reintroduce humic substances back into the soil through the irrigation system. Use of carbon based soil fertilizers and bio-stimulants reduces the need for fertilizers by 50% or more!

Features & Benefits

  • Total Landscape
  • Starter and Transplant Formula
  • Winterizer

Because EZ-FLO proportions at very low parts per million, none of the fertilizers we offer will harm the plants in your landscape. However some blends emphasize certain nutrients that can optimize the results that you get at varying times of the year. In making sure you have choices, we know that some users may be partial to organics or natural fertilizers over synthetics--so we offer more than one selection in most cases!

Landscapes can mature more quickly using EZ-FLO fertilizers delivered through an EZ-FLO dispenser. Below is a picture of a new landscape when it first went in and the same landscape one year later. Same plants...Can you see the difference?.....Need we say more?

Using EZ-FLO to add organic materials to soil greatly improves soil fertility while it counteracts the negative affect chemical fertilizers have had on soil fertility. Organic fertilizers and biostimulants are products that contain carbon humates and other soil enriching materials. Soils rich in humates greatly improve a plant�s ability to uptake nutrients and to establish healthy root structures.

The following are the capacity ratings of each of the dispensing units sold by EZ-FLO:

Model #
Liquid Cap.
H2O Soluble Cap.*
H2O Soluble w/ Bio Stimulant**
EZ001-CX 1-1/2 Gal 10 - 12 lbs. 5 - 7 lbs.
EZ003-CX 2-1/2 Gal 15 - 18 lbs. 7 - 9 lbs.


4-1/4 Gal 30 - 35 lbs. 15 - 17 lbs.


10 Gal 50 - 60 lbs. 25 - 30 lbs.


10 Gal

75 - 100 lbs. 38 - 50 lbs.


25 Gal 200 -250 lbs. 100 - 125 lbs.


3/4 Gal 5 lbs. 2.5 lbs.


1-1/3 Gal 8 lbs. 4 lbs.


3 Gal 15 lbs. 8 lbs.

* Water soluble fertilizer capacity is dependent upon the solubility of the product used. Soluble ranges based on Alliance Partner water soluble fertilizers; other manufacturer's solubility may differ.

**Using a soil fertility booster (i.e. a bio-stimulant) will reduce the need for fertilizer and extend refill time. Use 1-1/2 to 4 oz of bio-stimulant per pound of synthetic fertilizer for maximum refill time. Poorer quality soils may need larger amounts of bio-stimulants until such time as the organic base is built-up.

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