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This sprinkler and irrigation buyer's guide provides an overview of each of the components in a lawn and landscape sprinkler system. This information is provided to assist homeowners and others in understanding basic irrigation terms, equipment applications, features and benefits.

The information provided here will help to answer important questions that arise when evaluating sprinkler system proposals

  • What type of system do I want?
  • What sprinkler is most appropriate for my application?
  • What special features, "bells and whistles" are desirable?
  • What are the potential pitfalls of specific types of equipment?
  • What items must be included on my system?


Also referred to as timers, these devices are responsible for turning an automatic irrigation system on and off. Controllers can range from very simple to quite advanced computer systems which offer many powerful features. One should base their selection on the nature of their system... READ MORE


Whether you are a busy professional looking to boost productivity or simply a homeowner seeking an easier way to perfom routine maintenance or troubleshooting, a remote or remote controller is the solution. We carry several brands of remotes and remote controllers, with options for every user... READ MORE


The ability to water only when necessary is the ultimate goal of efficient irrigation scheduling. Today's technology allows for installation of sensors which can measure soil moisture, rainfall totals and even shut systems down in freezing weather.... READ MORE


The types of heads utilized on a specific project are determined by the dimensions of the area being covered, the water pressure available for operation, and a variety of other factors. Choose between a spray or rotor... READ MORE


These devices are used to turn a sprinkler system either on or off. Though manual valves are available, most modern systems include valves that are connected to a controller for automatic operation. We offer many types of valves: a globe valve, an angle valve,an anti-siphon valve, dirty water valves and emergency shut-off valves... READ MORE


These are a must in all sprinkler systems if you want to protect yourself from physical harm as well as the law. The backflow preventer prohibits the contamination of your personal water supply. And while the anti-siphon valve already has such a stabilizing mechanism built in, the Globe and Angle Valve are incomplete in such regards..... READ MORE


Drip Irrigation is the most efficient way to water any non-turf area, including flowerbeds, ground cover, street medians, vegetable gardens and hanging baskets since the exact amount of water needed is delivered at or near plant root zones. Benefits include design flexibility, healthier plants and the elimination of water run-off..... READ MORE


Do-it-yourself irrigation is becoming more and more feasible! In some parts of the country, homeowners install nearly 75% of all sprinkler systems. Before shopping for your sprinkler system, you have a good deal of homework to do. Take a serious look at your yard, its needs, and your budget.... READ MORE
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