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Hunter Sub-Surface Dripline 17mm PLD Drip Line 17mm Excel PC Drip Line 1/4" Non-PC Micro Line


Drip Line Tubing may be installed above or below ground. Dripline Tubing comes in two sizes: 1/2" and 1/4". Drip Lines are poly tubing with drip emitters incorporated into the interior wall of the tubing at spaced intervals. Driplines are ideal for ground cover, mixed plantings, slope plantings and hedge rows.

Dripline irrigation can greatly reduce or eliminate water waste while promoting healthier plant growth for the following reasons:

  • Match the water application to the specific needs of each plant
  • More precisely match the application rate to the soilís infiltration rate
  • Apply water directly to the root zone to reduce overspray and evaporation
  • A properly designed and installed dripline irrigation system can be over 90% efficient

There are many advantages of dripline irrigation that can provide solutions for difficult-to-irrigate landscape areas:

  • Narrow turf areas
  • Curved narrow landscape areas
  • Sloped areas
  • Sub-surface turf irrigation applications
  • Parking lot islands
  • Steep sloped areas

Other benefits of on-surface or sub-surface Drip Irrigation:

  • Eliminate runoff on walks and paved areas
  • Prevent overspray onto windows, walls and fences
  • Increase watering uniformity
  • Reduce susceptibility to vandalism
  • Promote healthy plant growth
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