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Rain Bird Rotors

Rain Bird rotors are available in a variety of designs for every sprinkler system application, including non-potable water, steep slopes and low pressure, and high-traffic areas. Each Rain Bird sprinkler rotor is feature-packed to guarantee sustainable durability and reliable performance. Rain Bird sprinkler rotors are also designed to be the best in water distribution efficiency and user-friendliness.

3500 Series (15 - 35 ft) 5000 Series (25 - 50 ft) 5000 SEAL-A-Matic Series (25 - 50 ft) 5000 Plus Series (25 - 50 ft)
Falcon 6504 Series (39 - 65 ft) 8005 Series (57 - 81 ft) Maxi-Paw Series (22 - 45 ft) Maxi-Bird Series (22 - 45 ft)
Brass Impact Sprinklers Rotary Nozzles

Full-circle (360°) spray pattern.

Part-circle spray pattern.

Check valve - prevents unintentional water drainage.

Stainless Steel.

Non-potable - reclaimed water. Not drinkable.

High-speed rotation.

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles and Bodies

Rain Bird rotary nozzles and bodies provide unsurpassed design flexibility and highly efficient water distribution for 13 to 24 feet.
Rotary nozzles are the newest addition to Rain Bird�s line of water-efficient products, and are designed specifically to help reduce water waste and make it easier to design systems. The rotary nozzle is a truly remarkable innovation with a low precipitation rate, highly uniform distribution, and increased watering radius. Rotary nozzles feature efficient water distribution through rotating streams that uniformly deliver water at a low precipitation rate, significantly reducing runoff and erosion.

Helpful Links

  • Rain CurtainTM technology is the standard in water-saving nozzle performance. Rain CurtainTM performance is available in all Rain Bird Rotors.
  • 5000 Series Rotors with PRS will reduce water waste from 15%-45%. By eliminating pressure variation and /or over pressurization, you will save water and deliver greener results.
  • All rotors with Seal-a-MaticTM (SAM) check valves prevent drainage from heads at lower elevations, stop water waste and eliminate landscape damage due to flooding and/or erosion.

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