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Patio Pots and Hanging Baskets

Residential Potted Plants

How wonderful would it be to never have to worry about watering your potted plants ever again? Those beautiful flowers on your window seal can stay alive without you ever remembering to water them by installing drip irrigation.

Because drip irrigation lines are small, you can easily snake them around objects and hide them from view. Your patio plants will stay healthy and free from disease with drip irrigation running to them.

Residential Potted Plants Residential Potted Plants Residential Potted Plants

Parts & Materials List

  • Rain Bird XBD-80 Multi-Outlet Drip Irrigation Water Emitter

  • Drip Irrigation Single Outlet

  • Rain Bird PRS-05030 30 PSI Retro-Fit Pressure

  • Pepco P-QB-100 1/4 inch Polyethylene Tubing
    (100 ft.)

  • Rain Bird TS025-W-CAP 1/4 in. Drip Tubing Stake with Cap

  • PVC Laterals, Fittings, Glue



How to Install:

  1. 1/2" Polyethylene pipe, this will feed all of the flower pots
  2. From the 1/2" main line you will run a section of 1/4" solid tubing to each flower pot. Poke a hole in the 1/2" tubing with a hole punch. Insert a 1/4" barbed connector into the hole in the 1/2" tubing. Connect the 1/4" solid tubing to the other end of the connector that is attached to the 1/2" tubing.
  3. Run a length of 1/4" solid tubing into the pot. At this point, you have different choices depending upon preference: adjustable stream bubbler, drip emitter tubing, or a drip emitter with a stake


  • Less weeds
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Saves up to 70% of your water

Helpful DIY links:

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Dont add too many drip emitters as this can reduce the overall delivery capabilities of your system.

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