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Rock Enclosures for Septic Applications

We feature several models that cover large septic risers, commercial grease traps, holding tanks and manholes. So instead of eyesores, you can blend them right into the landscape with models 103, 111, 112 and our NEW model 113. This vertical rock can cover vent pipes up to 33 inches tall!

Smaller rocks can be used to cover septic clean-outs and vent pipes, while models 101 and 109 are perfect for concealing blowers and compressors.

Decorative covers assist in hiding unpleasant pipes and septic entrances that can end up being spread out all over your yard. Sprinkler Warehouse carries a wide variety of RealRock rock enclosures.

RealRock’s gritty, tough, and variegated rock-like surface is astonishingly realist, and blends in with other natural textures in your yard. We also carry vented RealRock, which can hide unsightly irrigation pipes, and allow proper ventilation for your septic air pump.

Keep That Lawn Looking Beautiful

Septic rock covers and vented covers are now available at Sprinkler Warehouse. Septic systems are at the top of our list when it comes to lawn and landscape unsightliness. With tighter restrictions regarding leach field venting and inspection points, it is complicated to say where your septic system will go. Potentially beautiful yards can look more like a field of ugly concrete septic lids and white plastic vents by the time you finish installing a system.

Most building codes have tight restrictions on septic system components, leaving homeowners with very few options when it comes to hiding it all from view. This is why septic covers are available, and we have many different shapes, colors and sizes for your specific needs.

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