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Signature Sprinkler Spray Nozzles

Signature sprinkler spray nozzles offer the variety for every landscape design. Available in both fixed and adjustable configurations, Signature sprinkler nozzles are compatible with any female threaded pop-up sprinkler body.

*Nelson Turf has been acquired by Signature Control Systems, Inc. effective September 19, 2008.

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Signature Sprinkler Nozzles

Signature sprinkler nozzles come in both fixed pattern and adjustable arc configurations. Fixed pattern sprinkler nozzles come in full-circle, half-circle, quarter-circle, end strip, and side strip configurations. Fixed pattern nozzles are ideal for most landscapes, and don’t require extra time for fine-tuning and adjustments.

Adjustable arc sprinkler nozzles give you the flexibility needed for unusual landscape layouts, such as slopes and curved flowerbeds. Signature adjustable nozzles are designed for fast, easy fine-tuning, and come in 7-15 ft. Radii.

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