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Parking Lots

Sparse Applications

With any parking lot island you will need a drip line put in, otherwise you are watering your plants by hand.

When you water anything by hand you risk missing days and drying out your plants, as well as spending large amounts of money on maintenance. It is important to have an evenly installed drip line system. Sprinkler Warehouse provides any tool you might need to help easily install an irrigation system for a sparsely planted parking lot island.

Sparse Applications in Parking Lots Sparse Applications in Parking Lots Sparse Applications in Parking Lots

Parts & Materials List

  • Drip Irrigation Single Outlet

  • Rain Bird PFR-FRA 12 in. Polyflex Drip Emitter Riser with

  • PVC Laterals, Fittings, Glue



How to Install:

  1. Assemble Control Zone Kit and connect to water source
  2. Connect Easy Fit Adapter to Easy Fit Tree for connection to Control Zone Kit
  3. Cut lengths of landscape drip line to build grid in planting area
  4. Connect lengths of landscape drip line to Easy Fit Fittings to create grid, add Air Relief Valve Kit to the zone
  5. Staple landscape drip line grid in place and flush for 2 minutes
  6. Install planting material
  7. If you have a timer, the last thing to do is set it


  • Less weeds
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Saves up to 70% of your water

Helpful DIY links:

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Donít add too many drip emitters as this can reduce the overall delivery capabilities of your system.

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