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Narrow Planting Beds Next to a Structure

Sparse Applications

In order to not over water a sparsely planted bed, normally, only one line of drip should be installed. Drip tubing can be shaped to the contours of the rows of plants or landscaped areas, therefore in a narrow planting bed, drip will be very useful.

Sprinkler Warehouse is happy to assist you with your sparse planting bed application. The following are the essential components that you will need to install your drip irrigation.

Narrow Planting Bed Next to a Structure Narrow Planting Bed Next to a Structure Narrow Planting Bed Next to a Structure

Parts & Materials List

  • Rain Bird XBD-80 Multi-Outlet Drip Irrigation Water Emitter

  • Drip Irrigation Single Outlet Emitters

  • Rain Bird PRS-05030 30 PSI Retro-Fit Pressure

  • ML-106 1/4 in. Black Non-PC Micro Drip Line (100 ft.)

  • Rain Bird TS025-W-CAP 1/4 in. Drip Tubing Stake with Cap

  • PVC Laterals, Fittings, Glue



How to Install:

  1. Determine the water source
  2. Create a plant list
  3. Know what type of soil you have
  4. Trench, cut, and glue PVC laterals
  5. Connect lines to water source
  6. Thread XBD-80 manifold onto PRS-050 then connect to PVC tee
  7. Attach 1/4" distribution tubing to outlet on XBD-80 manifold
  8. Run 1/4" lines to sparse plantings, stake in place with a bug cap on end
  9. Install the desired Drip Emitter inside XBD-80 manifold


  • Up to 60% water savings
  • No over spray damage to structures, fences, or windows
  • Targeted watering reduces weed growth
  • Manifold design allows for increase/decrease in future plant water demands

Diy tips for sparse application installations:

Step by Step Drip Irrigation System Installation Guide

All You Need to Know About Drip

Donít add too many drip emitters as this can reduce the overall delivery capabilities of your system.

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