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Antelco 0.25 - 8 GPM Drip Valve Box 3/4 in. MPT | EZYVALVE4

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Antelco EZYVALVE4 Drip Irrigation Valve Box with Valves

The EZYVALVE4 Cleverly combines the efficiency of 4 inline solenoid valves into one full-scaled, unbelievably tiny valve box. The EZYVALVE4 works like a traditional valve box but for small gardens, or drip or spray irrigation systems. The EZYVALVE4 even works with 2 -3 Pop-ups on a small lawn. It works perfectly in courtyards and balconies too. ItââšÂ¬s also a fantastic addition to any veggie garden or raised garden.

EZYVALVE4 is a fully assembled 4 solenoid valve distribution system, self-contained in a compact water, dust, and pest resistant valve box. EZYVALVE4 is easy to install as part of a complete micro irrigation system.


Landscape areas, home gardens, greenhouses and nurseries for above or below ground installation.

Valve Box diagram

The EZYVALVE4 is a preassembled solenoid valve box for controlling water in your irrigation system it can be connected to an existing garden tap and left above-ground for easy installation and access or it can be installed underground by hooking directly into an existing irrigation mainline using an isolation valve.

The simplest method of connecting to your water supply is to use a high-pressure braided hose. Simply screw one end of the hose onto the inlet thread of your easy valve 4 and screw the other end onto an existing tap in your garden The braided hose the tap acts as an isolation valve so if you need to service your easy valve 4 or if you want to move it to another location you can just turn off the tap.

More Information
Brand Antelco
Operating PSI 3 - 180 PSI
Warranty 10 Years
Size 3/4 in.
Flow Rate 0.25 - 8 GPM
Connection MPT
Type Drip Valve Box