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Backflow Armor Green Theft Prevention Backflow Cage | EKONO303013

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Backflow Armor Green Theft Prevention Backflow Cage

  • Color: Green
  • Enclosure Type: Theft Prevention
  • Dimensions: 30 in. Height x 30 in. Length x 13 in. Width

Features & Benefits

Our Theft & Vandalism prevention cages are setting a higher industry standard

The Reason
Copper and brass theft is a huge problem in the United States and is on the increase. Backflow devices are being stolen on a nightly basis and contractors are installing a ton of enclosures on existing irrigation systems and buildings as well as new installations. 

  • (1) Concrete Form 
  • (4) Stakes
  • (2) Anchors
  • (1) Information Key Tag 
  • (2) Wet Cement Pipes

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Product Details

Step One Step Two
Place form around the backflow device and stake to the ground. Mix and pour bags of cement within the form.
Step Three Step Four
Place the (2) PVC pipes across the forms. This will support the cage during the cement drying process Install the lock from the bottom side of the
lockbox to Lockdown your Backflow Armor!
Step Five Step Six
Sit the cage on the form with locks and cement
anchors attached. Push the cement anchors into
the cement. Your job is now complete.
Rest easy —Your backflow is under constant protection... by BackFlow Armor!
More Information
Brand Backflow Armor
Dimensions 30 in. x 30 in. x 13 in.
Type Backflow Cage
Purpose Or Function Backflow Enclosure
Color Green
Enclosure Type Theft Prevention
Instructions (6.00 MB)