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Hunter WSS Wireless Solar Sync Sensor Kit

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Hunter WSS Wireless

Solar Sync Sensor Kit

Wireless Solar Sync for use with PCC and Pro-C 300 controllers. Includes Wireless Solar Sync Sensor, Wireless receiver, and module. Wireless full kit with Sensor and Module. Compatible with Hunter Pro-C, PCC, ICC and I-Core Controllers / Timers. The Solar Sync continually gathers on-site solar and temperature data used in the calculation of evapotranspiration (ET), then determines watering requirements. The Module automatically calculates water requirements and makes adjustments taking into account your regional weather characteristics. Air temperature is monitored and used to calculate watering requirements. Too hot? Solar Sync knows to be efficient and waters your lawn as needed. Freezing morning? Keep those mittens off, because below 37° F, Solar Sync smartly waits for warmer temperatures. Passing showers require a sensor that can react quickly. The built-in "Quick Response®" feature does just that. For soaking showers, the adjustable Rain-Clik® sensor ensures your lawn isn't watered unnecessarily. Let the sunshine in. The solar sensor measures the sun's rays to keep your lawn at peak performance with optimal watering.

Hunter WSS Wireless Solar Sync Sensor Kit

Product Details

  • Provides automated daily adjustment to program run times
  • Wired and wireless models available
  • No Water Window programming available (except X-Core)
  • Rain and freeze shutoff
  • Gutter mount bracket included
  • Warranty period: 5 years (10 year battery warranty for wireless model)
  • Maximum distance sensor to module: 200 ft. (wired model) or 800 ft. (wireless model)
  • 40 ft. of wire included in kit (wired model)
  • Solar Sync and Wireless Solar Sync compatible with Pro-C and PCC controllers
  • Solar Sync Sensor and Wireless Solar Sync Sensor are compatible with X-Core, I-Core and ACC controllers
  • Rain and Freeze sensor shutdown capability included in sensor
  • Approval: FCC, CE
Product Type:
Sun Sensor
Sensor Material:
Sun Sensor
Sensor Connection:
Average Rating:
5 Stars
5.0 / 5.0
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Works as advertised and best price by far from any other company
May 31, 2019
8 months ago
Super Easy Install
Installation took no more than 15 minutes and started up immediately. Would recommend product to anyone looking for better control and management of their irrigation system.
May 19, 2018
1 year ago
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I already own a Hunter I-core controller
J R on Sep 7, 2018
should prove to be a water saving device and being wireless is a bonus
Anthony on Aug 1, 2018
I already own a Hunter I-core controller
J R on Sep 7, 2018
A excellent advanced rain sensor. Has ET calculations included. Set the water times for the hottest day of the year. The Solar Sync calculates current conditions. The module calculates past and combines with the solar sync to automatically adjust the water time percentages.
Robert M on Aug 30, 2018
should prove to be a water saving device and being wireless is a bonus
Anthony on Aug 1, 2018
My landscape designer recommended Hunter X-core controller for our new front yard landscaping project.
F E on May 4, 2018
Rain sensor died
A S on Mar 17, 2018
I thought it would be convenient, but could never get it to work correctly.
Michael H on May 22, 2017
The Hunter Wireless Solar Sync is a great addition to my system since i have installed this unit watering my lawn is more accurate and uses alot less water, there is no need to set multiple programs, Every one that has a hunter system should install one.
Louis M on Nov 11, 2012
The City of San Diego offered a full rebate for the Hunter WSS Solar Sync Sensor Kit and I already had a Hunter Pro-C Controller (PC Series). The installation was fairly easy for a DIYer and I'm all for saving water. I could have gotten away without the the wireless, but it offers flexibility if I decide to move the sensor.
Rich D on Nov 10, 2012
i previously owned the lower-end model--Hunter's simple rain sensor. Because I live in the mountains, weather variability, particularly in the spring and fall, is troublesome. It's as likely to snow in spring and fall as it is to be in the high 80's. I was looking for a sensor control that responded to precipitaton as well as temperature. I hope this works.
Kevin B on Apr 22, 2012
to conserve on watering
Gene S on Apr 18, 2012
A excellent advanced rain sensor. Has ET calculations included. Set the water times for the hottest day of the year. The Solar Sync calculates current conditions. The module calculates past and combines with the solar sync to automatically adjust the water time percentages.
Robert M on Aug 30, 2018
My landscape designer recommended Hunter X-core controller for our new front yard landscaping project.
F E on May 4, 2018
Does the sensor and the base unit of the Hunter Pro C have to be in line of sight or will it work around a corner?
James M on Apr 20, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Think of it as wi fi or cellphone. It can penetrate walls or glass depending on the composition. Metal or block walls could block the signal.

My sensor is mounted about fifty feet from the receiver. Passes through a wood frame wall with plaster exterior and an interior wood frame wall with sheetrock. Have not had any problems.

Hope this helps.

QSTN: Does the sensor unit have a battery that has to be replaced? I see pictures of the unit being installed high above the ground on roof lines. These seem higher than a typical household ladder would reach. One can't imagine climbing up there every 6 months to wipe off the sensor cap or to change out batteries.
Sid W on Apr 19, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The wireless sensor as well as the receiver module contain 10 year lithium batteries according to the manual. I am expecting the battery to outlast the sensor since exposure to the elements will degrade the plastic lens and other parts over time. I live where my irrigation system must be drained during the winter and I bring the sensor indoors to prolong its life. There is no reason to mount the sensor in a high location if there is a location within reach that receives full sun. I just stick mine on a pole in my garden. I got the sensor kit to replace a defective rain sensor mounted 20' up on the side of the house. Worth the price in convenience.
Is it ok for the controller to be mounted outside uncovered? My control box is mounted on the exterior of the house.
Craig R on May 6, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The Hunter manual (p4) says, in talking about the control module "rubber cover is provided for outdoor installations to protect the module from the weather." The rubber cover seems to be adequate to protect the module, but I would not mount it in direct rainfall. If that is necessary, I would mount it in a Carlon box, and fabricate a Lexan (polycarbonate) gasketed lid for the box. Alternatively, if there is room, it can be mounted inside the controller box.
Can this wireless sensor kit be wired in parallel to the receiver on the Hunter Roam remote?
Terry M on Jun 13, 2013

I have the Hunter WSS Solar Sync kit on my system since August 2012. It is wired to a Hunter Pro-C (PC) Controller, circa 2003. I don't have the Hunter Remote kit installed. I thought abut it but never got around to it. I notice the remote kit harness will use the same three 24 volt connections and the remote sensor connects the harness, which activates the system. The WSS is also connects to the two Rain Sensors inputs on the controller, which deactivates the system. It can be controlled by the by-pass switch. The only issue I see is when the WSS senses that there is enough water, it may not let you remotely run the system. I hope this helps. Joel
I have two 8 station x-core controllers, do I need two solar syncs to convert them both into smart controllers?
Barbara W on May 31, 2015
BEST ANSWER: If you are planning on going wireless, you need two wireless receivers and probably one wireless sensor. I have 3 x-core controllers and 1 i-core controller. The controllers are installed at different locations around my house. Each controller is connected to a wireless receiver, and I have one wireless sensor on my roof.. Although Hunter support says the receiver is a part they sell separately , I was only able to buy the receiver as part of the Hunter WSSSEN Wireless Solar Sync Sensor and Receiver Only Kit. So I have 3 wireless solar sync senors in reserve.
I am getting a rebate from my city and can replace my current 6 zone controller with a smart controller. If I get the Hunter SOLARSYNC Wireless which controller is the best for my use?
A shopper on Nov 10, 2012
BEST ANSWER: My first suggestion would be to download the Hunter Wireless Solar Sync Owners Manual. It goes through the installation process of (4) different Hunter controllers. I already had the Pro-C Controller (PC Series) installed so my decision was already made. I live in San Diego and purchased the WSS Wireless since I could get a full rebate for the WSS Wireless. I think that your final decision as to which controller should be based on the rebate offered, the price of the controller, and who is performing the install. The PCC Series allows you to mount the Solar Sync Module inside the controller. The PC Series requires that you mount it outside. Not as clean, but it still works fine. The X-Core and ACC controllers have Solar Sync capability built in, but I'm guessing are a bit more expensive. I'm sure any Hunter controller would work fine. Good luck!
Is the wireless solar sync compatible with xcore 800i?
Don B on Feb 23, 2014
I have installed and used this unit on a PC series controller and have been quite satisfied with it. Once installed you adjust all stations for the amount of water needed for the month of July, select your zone according to the manual, and it will adjust all stations up or down from 0 to 100 % as needed. It also shuts controller down during a freeze or rain conditions.

According to the Hunter website, this kit does work in the x core series. On the PC series you attach the wires from the receive module to the power and Acc. terminals. All clearly outlined in the installation manual.

Good Luck,

will this control the main unit PCC300 or just one or two zones>?
Please show a schematic of how this operates in line. Also,
If i set the program on the PCC300, does this just adjust that program or does it create a whole new "smart" program?
Michael M on Sep 30, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Depending upon the specifics of your controller, it can either impact all zones or selected zones. My I-Core controller allows me to select which sensor or sensors will impact each zone or not. I'd reference your manual to ascertain whether yours has similar functionality. To my knowledge, it does not create a new smart program. You set your targeted program for the peak watering season, and then the solar sync adjusts the seasonal adjustment up or down based upon experienced solar readings and calculated ET. You can go to Hunter's website to use their tool for developing your individualized baseline watering program. Very easy and helpful, and free. The solar sync sensor will need 3 or more days to collect data at your site before it has a sample set to make good adjustments to your controller's seasonal adjustment.
We have the Hunter controller in a concrete building in Costa Rica. Will the wirelesssolar sync sensor work within the concrete or do we need to wire it?
Ranelle B on Dec 8, 2012

My controller is mounted inside on a conventual sheetrocked & insulated wall with plywood, styrofoam & stucco covering exterior. The transmitter is mounted on an eave 35' from the reciever's location. It works fine. I didn't want to buy a concrete drill bit to pierce the stucco nor have the wiring showing on the exterior. If your building is concrete block, I would sure try it.
Good luck.
I currently have a Hunter Pro C with a solar aync ....the out side module that measures rain fall no longer will deactivate my sprinklers after a signicant rain, I,assume the pads measuring moisture are dried out to a point that they no longer function...I would like to go wireless (currently have a wire running to the outside sensor .. Do I have to buy the set up which includes a solar sync module In addition to the other items ?
Jeffrey on Jun 30, 2018
Is there a Hunter wireless sensor that works with older Hunter ICC controller?
eric s on Mar 5, 2018
Plan to order a new Hunter Indoor Controller - 6 station. Is this the product I would need to provide automatic watering?
Betty T on May 30, 2013

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