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Spray Bodies

Hunter sprinkler sprays are available in a variety of models, from the economical and user-friendly PS series sprinkler spray heads to the feature-packed Institutional Spray series. Hunter sprinkler spray heads give you the selection you need to find the spray head which best fits the needs of your landscape.

Hunter Spray Bodies: Built Tough

Built Tough to Withstand Life in the Trenches: Hunter Pro-Spray line can handle the harshest environments and pressure, and still perform as needed. Pressure regulated models provide new opportunities for extraordinary water savings.

Hunter Sprays

Hunter sprinkler sprays and nozzles come in models for both residential and commercial applications, in a variety of sizes and designs. Sprinkler Warehouse carries the Hunter Institutional Spray series, the Hunter Pro-Spray series, the Hunter PRS40 Spray series, the Hunter PS Ultra Spray series, and a wide selection of Hunter spray nozzles. The Hunter Institutional and Pro-Spray series spray heads feature the rugged, durable design necessary for the toughest commercial applications, while the PRS30, PRS40, and PS Ultra spray series give you the same durable design in a smaller, more flexible design, perfect for light commercial or larger residential applications.

Water Savings

Spray bodies have many names: pop up sprinkler, sprinkler head, mist head, or sprinkler and they are the true workhorse of any irrigation system. Hunter has developed a lineup of rugged sprays bodies that are built to last, including the PS Ultra for residential needs and the Pro Spray, for residential or commercial applications.

  • Can handle the harshest environments and pressure
  • Pressure regulated models provide new opportunities for extraordinary water savings.
  • Application: Residential / Commercial