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Irrigation valves are the heart of your irrigation system and Hunter has assembled one of the broadest line-ups of sprinkler control valves in the industry. Low flow to high flow, clean water to dirty water, low pressure to high pressure, Hunter offers an irrigation valve that can take it and work reliably for years to come.

Why Purchase a Hunter Irrigation Valve?

Hunter Valves for irrigation and sprinkler systems provide a variety of features and benefits that are well-suited for every lawn or turf. If you are looking for backflow prevention with user-friendly operation and true performance, then the Hunter ASV-Series Valves are an economical solution for your needs.

Top Quality Irrigation Valves

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line commercial sprinkler valve, the Hunter ICV-Series Valve for irrigation systems is just that. Top-of-the-line, long-lasting, durable, and performance that tops the rest. Offering the ability to handle extremely high pressures as well as a flow control feature, the Hunter ICV-Series Valve is considered a must-have for commercial irrigation systems.

The Hunter PGV Jar-Top Series Valve is a reliable residential irrigation valve that combines easy installation and ease of product maintenance in one name. In face, Hunter Jar-Top Valves are the easiest to service valve within the irrigation industry. With the Hunter PGV Jar-Top Series Valve, simplicity meets convenience and reliablity.

Hunter's Complete Line of Valves

If you want a complete line of valves that are designed to handle the most common and uncommon aspects of sprinkler and irrigation systems, then the Hunter PGV Series Valves are it. Each Hunter PGV Series Professional-Grade Valves feature high-quality construction and durability to suit all lawns and turfs. The Hunter SRV-Series Valves are considered easy to operate while offering reliability in performance that is second to none. While the Hunter SRV-Series Valve is extremely dependable, it is offered at a considerably more affordable price.