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NDS Rectangular Valve Box-117BC Jumbo Rectangular Valve Box with Overlapping Cover

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NDS Rectangular Valve Box-117BC Jumbo Rectangular Valve Box with Overlapping Cover

  • NDS NDS-117BC Valve Box
  • Jumbo Rectangular Valve Box with Overlapping Cover

13"X20" Rectangular structural polyolefin valve box with overlapping lip cover and UV inhibitor. Depth: 12 inches; Lid: 21-1/2 X 14-7/8 inches; Outside Base: 25-3/4 X 19 inches.

The NDS STANDARD SERIES 13"X20" rectangular valve boxes overlapping covers prevent dirt and grass from settling between body and cover. UV inhibitors are added to prevent discoloration and deterioration; such as cracking or blistering.

The NDS STANDARD SERIES 13" x 20" body is tapered and has a minimum wall thickness of 0.250". The body has a double wall at the top cover seat area with a minimum thickness of 0.250". The cover seat area has 16 structural support ribs on the underside of the seat, each with a minimum thickness of 0.250". The bottom of the body has a 0.500" flange. The 13" x 20" cover has an average thickness of 0.250". The valve box has a 3/8" 304 Brass nut for the bolt-down as a standard feature.

Features & Benefits

  • Injection molded of recycled polyolefin material with a melt index between 10-12.
  • Coloring and UV stabilizers are added, along with processing lubricants when needed.
  • The 13"X20" body shall be tapered and have a minimum wall thickness of .250"
  • The body shall have a double wall at the top cover seat with a minimum thickness of .25."
  • The cover seat shall have 16 structural ribs on the underside of the seat, each with a minimum thickness of .250"

The Jumbo 117-BC Valve Box can comfortably fit a 4-Valve + 1 Manifold set. (Total: 5 Valves)

Product Details

  • The bottom of the body shall have a .500" flange
  • The 13"X20" cover shall have a average thickness of .250"
  • The valve box shall have a 3/8" 304 SS nut for the bolt-down as a standard feature
Product Tag:
Low Cost Solutions
Rectangular Valve Box
Rectangular Valve Box
Product Type:
Rectangular Valve Box
Lid Size:
Jumbo Rectangular
Lid Type:
Twist Lock
3.8 / 5.0
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If you need a BIG VALVE BOX, this is it!
Great box for manifold with 4 or more zone valves. I have 6 valves in this one with two mounted upright. This box gives plenty of height clearance for this manifold and enough height to raise the manifold off the ground for better servicing in the future
June 24, 2014
I was skeptical at first because the prices were so good, but after installing and using all the products I purchased I was glad I decided to try it out.
February 16, 2016
just what the doctor ordered
Worked as expected. Shipped fast and better price than local hardware stores.
June 14, 2018
over 2 years ago
When I opened the shipping box the lid tabs were snapped off. I will still use it but it seemed like when packing it they were just thrown in there.
February 13, 2020
7 months ago
didn't hold the valves
Because the 2 and 3 manifold valves weren't provided with proper connectors, the end result was the box did not fit over the manifold
July 15, 2020
3 months ago
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Price and free shipping
James v on Aug 22, 2018
recommended by installer
V P on Jul 3, 2018
Price and free shipping
James v on Aug 22, 2018
DAN S on Aug 20, 2018
recommended by installer
V P on Jul 3, 2018
Wife said put it in the ground so she does not see it.
Charles G H on Feb 25, 2018
Needed new replacement for deteriorated wood box.
Laura M on Feb 2, 2018
shipping to expensive
A R on Sep 5, 2017
DAN S on Aug 20, 2018
Wife said put it in the ground so she does not see it.
Charles G H on Feb 25, 2018
We are looking for a Jumbo Valve Box that is close to 36"x60".
Can you supply one that big?
Scott D on Feb 18, 2014
On the NDS-117BC Jumbo Rectangular Valve Box do you have to drill holes on side of box to accommodate the lines going out to the sprinkler heads ?
Steven R on Apr 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Good morning Steven,
In my design, I buried the incoming and outgoing lines deep enough to go under the valve box. If you can think of the valve being at the top of an upside down "U" . This also has the advantage of making it easier to work on or replace a valve. There are holes on each end of the box, but in my configuration they were of no value.
Do I need to remove the cover to access valves and if so, how is it done?
Stephanie F on Jul 15, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you need to lift the cover.

I use a flat head screw driver to help. On the end that says lift here, first push the green cover on that end as far as possible to the other side. Then insert the screw diver, with the flat head toward the words, into the notch between the green cover and the black side wall and attempt to pry the lid up. That should lift up the lid just enough to put your fingers under it. Push the screw driver down some more if needed to make a second attempt at prying up the lid while at he same time pulling up with your fingers. It takes some practice, but it works for me. Good Luck. The design is not user friendly
Is the lid of the box able to be locked?
A shopper on May 14, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I don't see a way to easily put a lock on the box. There is a hole in the lid, near the lift point, but none in the outer rim, so I don't see a way to put a paddle lock on it.
Not sure I would even want to put a lock on the box, last thing I would want to do, if there is a problem with a sprinkler head, is search for a key to the lock.
do you have a box that is 36 inches long?
A shopper on Feb 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You will need a Jumbo Carson box which SW dont have that I know of, they are oner $100 for the size you want.
How Wide is the inside at the base? I have 7 valves and need 25 inches on the inside of the box.
A shopper on Aug 18, 2013
BEST ANSWER: You might have about 25" inside at the base. I was able to put 8 valves in one box but I custom built the manifold. It is pretty tight but I can still access the tops of each valve. For any real service I would have to dig up the box.
Can you stack two or more of these boxes together to achieve coverage for deep valves?
A shopper on Jun 29, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It would be possible. I would fasten the two boxes together bottom to bottom using stainless bolts. The whole unit could then be dropped in as one piece. The lower box would have to be cut to fit the pipes coming in.
how deep is this box?
A shopper on Jun 8, 2013
BEST ANSWER: 12", the box is larger than you may think. It will fit a 04 valve manifold MS-QM with about 03" to spare on the side. it all depends on how much room you like and how many valves you plan to have. keep in mind with the measuring I did you can still install the 04 valve manifold in the (113 BC) next size down. As they say bigger is better.
A shopper on May 27, 2011
BEST ANSWER: I put 4 in mine. The only gripe i have is that the slot that they put in the box for you for the header line is in the center of the box. If you center the box with the header line, then all your valves will be pushed to one end of the box and not centered. I would recommend you cutting a new slot offset to one side of the box for your header line, so your valves will be located in the center of the box and it will be much easier to get to them.
what is the lid weigh is the lid rated for?
A shopper on Oct 18, 2013
BEST ANSWER: No issue with garden tractor even loaded and with wheel weights, but I wouldn't drive a car across it. I don't think the box would like the weight of a car on it either. I'd guess that 500 lbs is about as much as I'd put on it based on my over a year with it.
I have existing control pipes above ground real eye sore. Is this box ment to be installed flush with the ground so all controls are underground?
Dan E on Apr 21, 2011

Last year I installed an underground sprinkler system at my home and used two (2) of these Jumbo valve boxes to locate my two manafold and eight control valves under ground. They work great. The jumbo valve boxes are made of quality material and built to last.


Clayton T. Lincoln
Biggest in ground box you have? need a hose box near 40" long by about 24...
John F on Apr 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Hi, the largest box we carry is 29.4" X 16.4". I've never seen a valve box that is 40" long.


I want to put an EZ-flo EZ003-CX 2.5 gallon tank in a box for easy filling and access. Is that a good one to use? Perhaps gravel in the bottom
Jim L on Jul 6, 2011
BEST ANSWER: Yes. The box is a good size for removing the tank for cleanout and refill. Putting the gravel is recommended to keep the tank clean and well drained. It requires a very large hole so be ready for some digging but it is the best choice or the EZ003.
What if I need a valve box to hold 8 valves? Can I just buy two valve boxes and put then next to one another?
A shopper on Sep 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: set 2 boxes 4 valves in each box connected with incoming pipe
I need a 36 x 16 overlapping or other kind of plastic lid for my in ground valve box; does anyone know where to get one?
Barry M on Aug 4, 2017
What is the length of the EZ 003?
Butch on Aug 29, 2014
what are the dimensions of this box?
Butch on Aug 29, 2014

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