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Weathermatic SMARTLINE 4 Station Indoor Controller | SL800

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4-Zone base model controller / timer with external transformer.

Features & Benefits of the SL800 Controller
  • 4-zone base model, expandable to 8 zones using SLM2 2-zone hot-swappable modules (Indoor rated)
  • External transformer with plug and play barrel connector
  • Large LCD display
  • 2 run modes: Standard mode runs user input zone run times; Auto Adjustmode requires SLW Series On-Site Weather Station to calculate weather based run times
  • Rain/Freeze sensor bypass/active button displays sensor status with tricolor LEDs (red indicates sensor is prohibiting irrigation; orange indicates an extended rain delay; green indicates normal operation)
  • 4 programs: A, B, C; program D can operate concurrently
  • 8 start times per program
  • Nonvolatile memory and real time clock/calendar to retain programs and current date and time - no battery required
  • Zone run times from 1 min. to 9 hrs. 55 min. with operation countdown displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Watering day selections of custom days of the week, odd/even, or interval days (1 - 30 days)
  • Omit settings: omit time of day window, omit day(s) of week, and omit up to 7 calendar dates
  • Seasonal % adjust by program, by month for simple year round water budgeting (monthly percentages overidden in Auto Adjust mode)
  • Input: 120VAC/60Hz @ 250mA for 3 valves
  • Output: 28VAC, 720mA maximum
  • Fuse: 1.0A, slow blow
  • Dimensions: 7" W x 7-3/4" H x 1-3/4" D (17,8 cm x 19,7 cm x 4,4 cm)
Auto Adjust Features
  • ZIP Code input (5 digit) or Latitude input (+/-60 degrees from EQUATOR) establish location of site for solar radiation calculation
  • Sprinkler type input allows selection for zone sprinkler type (SPRAY, ROTOR, DRIP, BUBBLER) with preset precipitation rate or specific input of the zone precipitation rate (.2 - 3.0" per hour)
  • Plant type input allows selection for zone plant type (COOL TURF, WARM TURF, SHRUBS, ANNUALS, TREES, NATIVE) with preset crop factors or specific input of the zone crop factor (10 - 300%)
  • Soil type input allows selection for the soil type (CLAY, SAND, LOAM) and slope (0 - 25 degrees) for the purpose of automatically calculating a run/soak period to virtually eliminate run off
  • More/Less is settable by zone (-50% to +25%) for the purpose of fine tuning Auto Adjust run times to accommodate factors like shade, wind, and sprinkler inefficiencies
Not Available
Not Available
Advanced Functions
  • Diagnostic test function using on-board multi-meter displays transformer voltage; milliamp measurement for each zone
  • Fault review displays all faults, including open and shorted zones
  • Built-in valve locator function for locating hidden valves by simply listening for the audible chatter of the solenoid created by a unique electrical frequency (U.S. Patent No. 7,406,363)
  • Review menu displays accumulated ET deficits by zone (in inches) and corresponding zone run times for the next available watering day
  • Review menu displays maximum run time and minimum soak time used during Auto Adjust mode
  • Review menu displays temperature readings (daily high/low) for previous 5 days
  • Review menu accumulates total run times by zone from the last reset date
  • Rain delay of 1 - 7 days may be selected (to pause and automatically resume operation)
  • SLW Weather Station extended rain delay programmable from 0 - 99 hours
  • Run/Soak cycles allow setting of maximum run time and minimum soak time by program for use in Standard mode only
  • Zone-to-zone delay programmable for 1 min. - 3 hrs. to accommodate slow closing valves and recharging of water supply
  • Master valve timing sequence with zone-valve programmable by "On Delay" (1 sec. - 1 min.; 2 sec. default) and "Off Delay" (1 sec. - 3 min.; 5 sec. default) to allow for line fill and slow-closing valves
  • Master valve/pump start operation assignable On/Off by zone
  • Clear program function to selectively delete an individual program
  • Clear all function to delete all programs
  • Backtrack stored program feature allows contractor to easily store a default program and retrieve the saved program in the event a customer improperly reprograms the SL800
Product Tag:
Low Cost Solutions
Product Type:
Controller (AC)
Enclosure Type:
Max Station Run Time (HRS):
Light Commercial, Residential
Enclosure Type:
SmartLine 800
Freeze Sensor Compatible:
Power Source:
AC Powered
Number of Programs:
Start Times Per Program:
Sensor Compatible:
Rain, Freeze
Rain Sensor Compatible:
Controller (AC)
Residential and Light Commercial
Average Rating:
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5.0 / 5.0
1 Review
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
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Flexible timer and easy to install
Needed a controller that would allow me to have multiple watering times within a fixed time window on specific days. This was an economical solution for my needs and was very easy to install. Despite being able to control so many settings the controller was easy to program once I got started and played with a few settings. Actually I was more confident that the controller would work as intended when I was away or asleep than I was with my former rainbird controller.
June 23, 2014
over 6 years ago
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Why did you choose this?
SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
It was what our sprinkler system was installed with and I was familiar with it.
John W on Apr 9, 2012
It was what our sprinkler system was installed with and I was familiar with it.
John W on Apr 9, 2012
Hello, I currently have a SL800 8 zone system. I noticed that you have the SL 800 4 zone but can add expansion modulars. Is it hard to install the modulars?
Steve Q on Feb 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Adding Extra Zones. Connections for two SLM2 modules are provided at the right side of the ter,oma; stro[ tp expand the SL800 to 6 or 8 zones. The SLM2 Modules are not swappable and the SL800 will instantly recognize the additional zones. Push each module onto the male connector. Use the provided terminal screws to secure the front of the module. Do not skip module position 5 and 6. Always install that module position first. To remove an SLM2 module, first remove the terminal screws and then use a small flat blade screwdriver to move the module forward from the rear connector. Installation instructions can be downloaded from the Weathermatic web sire.
My control SL800 unit is set for 30 min. zone flow.When I click for manual start the time indicator shows 30 min, but it only runs 15 min. on each zone. How do I get the full 30 min. run?
Travis King K on Jul 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: When I use the manual run function, I turn the dial one click to the left (manual run) and select the zone (next/back) then select the amount of time (up/down) and just turn the dial to 'run' and the selected zone runs for the amount of time selected. I'm not familiar with a selection I could make that would run all zones for 15 minutes (or 30 minutes as in your question) but I am not completely familiar with all the possibilities as yet. Using the described technique, I have been able to run a zone for whatever time I selected; usually 15 or 20 minutes with no problems.
Is it true that if I buy a controller I get a free rain freeze sensor a slw1?
A shopper on Jul 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I did. I ordered the controller and received the rain sensor free. On the checkout page it was listed as no cost.
My SL800 has started running when it is not suppose too.
It just finished two runs and it started a 3rd time. 3rd time was in OFF position
It runs on nights that are set for OFF. No longer reliable what should I do?
A shopper on May 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Sounds like you don't have it programmed correctly. There are different programs: A,B,C,D. Each one can have 4 different run times. You need to program how many times out of the 4 you want to water a day, otherwise, each one needs to be set on off. For example: PGM A can be programmed at 4 different times in a day. I typically set it once in the morning, but in mid-summer, I will set another time for it to come on at night. The other 2 times are off. I don't even use PGM B,C or D. Sounds like that's what's going on with yours. Refer to the manual.
how much is the transformer for the smartline model sl800?
A shopper on Jul 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: My controller came with the transformer already in the box. However if you need additional transformer I would contact Weathermatic directly.
Does this unit control the pump switch?
A shopper on Jul 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The way mine is set up, it opens the manifold valve and the drop in pressure is what cuts on my well pump. Hope that answers the question.
How do I find the operating manual for the SL 800 system?
Dennis M on Jan 15, 2014

A manual should have been included with your Weathermatic controller. You could also check the Weathermatic, Smartline website and they have a digital copy of the manual.
i have this same system and it doesnt work any more but i have six zonesso what do i need to buy?
A shopper on Apr 8, 2012
BEST ANSWER: When you say it doesn't work are you receiving an error or fault message? My original controller went up on me and had a "No AC" display. I replaced it with another controller (Weathermatic SL800 with zone expansion module) and now my sprinkler system is working great. I would, if I were you, replace it with another SL800. You may be able to re-use the expansion module, if not replace that as well. Sprinkler warehouse has the best prices around, check them out.
My controller opens and operate only few zones. What to do?
A shopper on Apr 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: How many zones do you have and how many zones are not working?
Will this start a 3 hsp motor used with a rotary mechanical valve?
George B on Mar 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You best see an electrician. it can't and it can.
Can a RainBird rain sensor be used with Smartline 800?
Mary R on Feb 7, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I believe so. I haven't used this combination of equipment, but I have used a Hunter Mini click rain sensor w/ the Smartline 800 and it worked fine. This will only function as a rain sensor, it will not allow you to use the advanced/ automatic adjustment that is possible if you have a Weathermatic weather station (SLW1 or SLW5)
How do I get the instruction booklet for the Weathermatic SL800 ?
A shopper on Jun 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I bought the unit and gave it to my son, but hopefully there are instructions packed inside the shipping box.
why would time of day not stay correct?
A shopper on Oct 1, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I don't know the answer to this problem. I just reset the day and time and returned the dial to run. The start time to run the system is done in the same manner. I have not had any problem with this system or setup
Cost of electricity to run timer per hour?
A shopper on Jun 2, 2020
I have 6 upright sprinklers around a garden patch. They are set to run when the sprinkler system runs. Is there a way to run them separately for additional watering?
A shopper on May 25, 2018
How to water Wed and Sat only?
A shopper on May 15, 2018
The one on the web is for 4 zones. How much would an 8 zone cost?
A shopper on Nov 10, 2016
My SL800 LCD display stopped working. Still have green lights and a good fuse but no display. Is there a reset or a way to fix it?
Cindi B on Jun 10, 2016
How does one open the case? I think I need to replace the battery.
A shopper on Jul 19, 2015

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