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Zurn-Wilkins is well known for its durable and reliable backflow preventers, repair kits, and backflow testing kits. Sprinkler Warehouse is proud to supply our customers with industry-standard backflow preventers manufactured by the Zurn-Wilkins company. Shop online or in-store today to save big on the Wilkins products you trust.

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  1. Wilkins RPZ Backflow Repair Kit 1-1/4" - 2" | WKRK114-975XLC
    Wilkins RPZ Backflow Repair Kit 1-1/4 in. - 2 in. | WKRK114-975XLC
    On-Sale $177.95 List Price $236.95
    SKU: WKRK114-975XLC
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Get great deals at Sprinkler Warehouse when you purchase any of our Zurn backflow products.

Browse Our Wide Variety Of Wilkins Backflows Online Or In-Store

Sprinkler Warehouse stocks multiple types of Zurn backflow preventers including the RPZ, PVB, and DCA models. The model you need widely depends on the type of irrigation system or water supply system you have installed. For example, the reduced pressure zone assembly is commonly used to protect commercial water supplies such as apartments and condominiums. While the PVB is commonly used to protect homeowners and smaller properties.

Purchase A Wilkins 720-A PVB Backflow Preventer Today

The Wilkins 720A is a popular Pressure Vaccum Breaker model that is available in sizes from 3/4 inch to 2-inch connections. The Zurn Wilkins 720A PVB Assembly is used in high hazard applications to protect against possible back-siphonage. This model is typically installed for non-potable residential and commercial irrigation systems. The PVB is designed for installation on irrigation water lines to protect against back-siphonage of contaminated water into the potable water supply.

Shop The Best Deals On The Wilkins 375 RPZ Backflow Preventer

The Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly is designed for installation on potable water lines to protect against both back-siphonage and backpressure of contaminated water into the potable water supply. The assembly of this product provides protection where a potential health hazard exists. Sprinkler Warehouse stocks three sizes of the RPZ model including the 1-inch female pipe thread, the 1.5- inch female pipe thread, and the 2-inch female pipe thread.

Learn How To Repair Wilkins Backflow Preventer From Our Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist

Sprinkler Warehouse provides several tutorial videos that are specifically designed to assist our customers in repairing their backflow preventers. Backflow preventers commonly require repairs if they have not been properly protected from freezing weather connections. Our sprinkler irrigation product specialist can assist homeowners with step-by-step repair tutorials as well as demonstrate proper winterization techniques to prevent future damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Wilkins sprinkler supplies?

Sprinkler Warehouse stocks all of the Zurn-Wilkins products you know and trust. Whether you're looking to repair a backflow device, buy a new one, or purchase a backflow testing kit, Sprinkler Warehouse is here to help. We have the lowest prices on your favorite devices, in-store and online ready to be shipped the same day.

How do Zurn-Wilkins backflow test kits work?

A Zurn backflow preventer test kit is designed to test the operation of the pressure differential relief valve for a variety of backflow preventer models. When testing the system, the model TG-5 requires that the differential pressure relief valve must operate to maintain the zone between the two check valves at least 2 psi less than the supply pressure.

What is a reduced pressure zone backflow preventer?

Reduced pressure zone assemblies (RPZ), also known as reduced pressure principle assemblies, are the industry standard for any type of commercial property. This includes apartment buildings and condominiums. They are the standard because RPZ backflows provide the highest level of protection against pollutants and toxins. Sprinkler Warehouse stocks a large selection of RPZ backflow preventers that are available online and in-store.