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C9 Cord - Green (18 AWG) 1000 ft Reel - 12 in. Socket Spacing | AC-C91000GC-12


C9 Cord - Green (18 AWG) 1000 ft Reel - 12 in. Socket Spacing


  • Available for outdoor use
  • No end plugs
  • Spaced 12 inches apart for screw-in C9 bulbs

Features & Benefits

Create a winter wonderland this season with this durable, outdoor, 18 gauge, holiday lighting cord. Able to extend up to 1000 feet, this green wire spool boasts the capability to socket 1000 C9 bulbs, each spacing 12 inches between sockets. Please note, this green wire spool does not come with end plugs, but we do offer end plugs for purchase. Either for home or commercial use, set yourself apart, and allow your neighbors to enjoy the season as it was meant to be. Enjoy this holiday season surrounded by a blissful atmosphere of shimmering lights and be the talk of the town.

Product Details

Approximate measurements of items

  • Height: 14 ⅞"
  • Width: 19 ⅞" - 20"
  • Color: Green
  • Length: 1000 ft.
  • Wire gauge: 18 AWG
  • Wire type: SPT 1W
  • Sock Size:
    • Width: ⅞"
    • Height: ⅝"

Incandescent Bulbs Chart

C7 and C9 bulbs Specifications
18 Gauge Wire Max Wattage/Amps
Bulb Wattage Max Bulbs Watts/Amps
5 Watt 138 691.2 Watts/5.76 Amps
7 Watt 98 691.2 Watts/5.76 Amps
10 Watt 69 691.2 Watts/5.76 Amps
Caution: The max amperage for 18 gauge wire is 5.76 amps. Do not exceed.
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