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Why Choose Us
Septic Valve Boxes
Non-Potable Sprinkler
  > Non-Potable Rain Bird Rotors
    • Rain Bird Grey Water Spray Rotors
    • Non-Potable 5000 Series (25 - 50 ft)
    • Rain Bird 3500 Series (15 - 35 ft)
    • Non-Potable 5000 SEAL-A-Matic Series (25 - 50 ft)
    • Non-Potable 8005 Series (57 - 81 ft)
    • Non-Potable Falcon 6504 Series (39 - 65 ft)
    • Non-Potable Maxi-Paw Series (22 - 45 ft)
  > Non-Potable Signature Rotors
  > Non-Potable Hunter Rotors
    • Hunter Non-Potable I-20 Ultra Rotors
    • Hunter Non-Potable I-25 Ultra Rotors
    • Hunter Non-Potable I-40 Ultra Rotors
    • Hunter Non-Potable PGP Rotors
    • Hunter Non-Potable PGJ Rotors
    • Hunter Non-Potable Pro-Spray Series
  > Non-Potable K-Rain Rotors
Septic Aerators
Non-Portable Valves
  > Non-Potable K-Rain Valves
  > Non-Potable Rain Bird Valves
Septic Pumps
Non-Potable Valve Boxes
Septic Sprinkler Heads
Non-Potable Accessories
Septic Indexing Valves
Septic Rock Covers
Drip Irrigation Kits
Drip Hose End Kits
Drip Backflow Devices
Drip Timers
Drip Valves
Greenhouse Irrigation Systems
Greenhouse Irrigation
  > Greenhouse Sprinklers
    • Compact Micro Sprinklers
    • Micro Sprayers
    • Mini Sprinklers
    • Mini-Compact Micro Sprinklers
    • Mini-Compact Sprinklers
  > Foggers & Misters
  > Multi-Outlet Drip Emitters
  > Anti-Leak Devices
  > Downsprays
  > Punches & Cutters
Nursery Irrigation
Orchard Irrigation
Vineyard Irrigation
Drip Control Zone Kits
Drip Filters
Drip Pressure Regulator
Drip Line & Tubing
Drip Fittings

Backflow Preventers
Controllers & Timers
Drip Emitters
Fertilizers & Systems
Hose & Sprayers
How To Resources
11 Irrigation Errors
Annual Rotor Maintenance
Design & Install System
FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions
Guide To Winterization
Irrigation Tips & Tricks
Should I Do It Myself
Technical Data & Calculations
Tips for Watering Your Lawn
Troubleshooting Sprinkler System
Watering Sloped Areas
Hunter ICC Series
Mosquito Pest Control
PVC Pipe & Tubing
Repair Parts
Sprinkler School™
Sprinkler School Videos
Sprinkler System Basics
  > Irrigation Basics
    • Irrigation Glossary
    • Understanding Your Lawn Sprinkler System
    • Should I Install My Sprinkler System Myself
    • Free Sprinkler System Design Services
    • Sprinkler System Design Guides
    • Irrigation Installation Tools
    • Anatomy Of A Sprinkler System
    • How To Tune Up A Sprinkler System
    • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
  > Sprinkler System Design and Installation
    • The Basic Steps
    • Sprinkler Installation
    • How To Determine What Pipe Size You Need
    • How To Stake Your Property
    • How To Draw The Property
    • How To Determine Your Soil Type
    • How To Check Water Pressure
    • How To Measure Slope
    • How To Determine What Pipe You Already Have
    • How To Wire An Irrigation Valve To An Irrigation Controller
    • How Much Should I Water My Yard
    • How To Calculate Percipitation Rate
    • How To Determine Zone Rum Time Using Evapotranspiration Data
    • Spacing Rotors and Sprays
    • How to Tap into the Main Water Supply Line
    • How To Dig Trenches
    • How To Dig and Run Pipe Under A Driveway or Sidewalk
    • How Should Sloped Areas Be Watered
    • 11 Common Irrigation Errors
    • Water Efficient Residential System By Rain Bird
    • Water Efficient Commercial System By RainBird
    • Irrigation Tips And Tricks
    • Helpful Worksheets And Irrigation Equations
    • Techinal Data And Conversion Calculator
  > Winterizing Your Irrigation System
    • How To Winterize Your System - The Basics
    • How To Winterize In Cold Climates
    • How To Winterize In Moderate Climates
    • The Freeze Drain - Irrigation's Best Kept Secret
    • How To Winterize Sprinkler Components
    • Guide To Winterization
    • How To Blow Out Water
    • How To Winterize Your Irrigation System The DIY Way
Parts and Components
  > Irrigation Pumps & Pump Start Relays
    • Glossary of Pump Types
    • Pump Vocabulary
    • Why Are Irrigation Pumps Used
    • Types Of Irrigation Pumps
    • Pros And Cons Of Various Irrigation Pumps
    • What Is A Pump Start Relay
    • How A Pressue Tank Works
    • How To Choose A Pump
    • How To Increase Pump Lifespan
    • Irrigation Pumps And Alternate Water Sources
  > Controllers or Timers and Remotes
    • What Is An Irrigation Controller
    • Different Types Of Controllers
    • How To Choose An Irrigation Controller Or Timer
    • How To Install An Irrigation Controller
    • How To Install An Irrigation Controller When A Pump Is Also Going To Be Used
    • How To Replace An Irrigation Controller / Timer
    • How To Program An Irrigation Controller/Timer
    • Controller Programming
    • How To Add Modules To A Modular Irrigation Controller
    • Items To Consider Adding To The Irrigation Controller
  > Valves and Valve Manifolds
    • Identification Of Different Irrigation Valves
    • How To Select An Irrigation Valve
    • How To Install An Irrigation Valve
    • How To Replace An Irrigation Valve Diaphgram
    • How To Replace An Irrigation Valve
    • What Is An Irrigation Master Valve
    • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having An Irrigation Master Valve
    • Locating a Valve
    • How To Locate Or Find Irrigation Valves and Wires
    • Locating a valve
    • Replacing the Top Of The Valve
    • How To Test A Buzzing Valve Solenoid
    • How To Make A Simple Irrigation Valve Activator
    • How To Replace An Irrigation Valve Solenoid
  > Sprinkler Sprays and Rotors
    • How To Fix Sprinkler Heads That Don't Pop Up
    • How To Fix Leaks When Valves Are Off
    • How To Replace A Pop Up Irrigation Spray Head
    • How To Raise Or Lower Sprinkler Heads Using Swing Joints
    • How To Add A Rotor Or Spray Head To An Existing Zone
    • Different Types Of Sprinkler Spray And Rotor Heads
    • How To Adjust A Rotor Head - Hunter
    • How To Select The Right Sprinkler Head
    • Rain Bird Adjusment
    • How To Adjust A Rotor Head - Toro
    • How To Install A Spray Or Rotor
    • How To Adjust A Rotor Head - Signature (Nelson)
    • How To Adjust A Rotor Head - Irritrol
    • How To Adjust A Rotor Head - Weathermatic
    • How To Adjust A Spray Head
    • How To Adjust A Spray Head - Hunter
    • A Guide To Annual Rotor Maintenance
  > Backflow Devices
    • Irrigation Backflow Devices - Quick Overview
    • What Types Of Backflow Devices Are Available
    • How To Choose An Irrigation Backflow Device
    • How Does A Backflow Device Protect Our Water Supply
    • How To Replace A Bonnet And Poppet
    • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker ASB
    • Backflow Causes and Preventative Measures
    • Pressure Vacuum Breaker PVB
    • Double Check Valve Assembly DCVA
    • Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer RPZ
  > Sensors
    • Different Types Of Weather Sensors
    • Different Types Of Rain Sensors
    • Why Choose An Automatic Rain Sensor
    • Should You Use A Wireless Or Wired Rain Sensor
    • How To Install A Hunter Mini Weather Station
    • General Instructions On How To Install An Automatic Rain Sensor
    • How To Install A Wireless Rain Sensor
    • Installing a rain sensor
    • How To Install A Wired Rain Sensor
  > PVC Pipe And PVC Fittings
    • How To Install And Layer PVC Pipes
    • How To Connect Plastic Pipe To Metal Pipe
    • How To Replace Your Water Supply Line
    • How To Fix Water Hammer And Air In Pipes
    • Repair PVC Using Pipe Dream
    • How To Glue Fittings Onto PVC Pipe
Drip System Irrigation
  > Drip Irrigation System Design And Installation
    • Drip Irrigation - Benefits and How it Works
    • Drip Tubing And Irrigation Basics
    • Emitter Different Types And Functions Of Emitters
    • Step By Step Drip Irrigation System Installation Guide
    • Drip Irrigation Ilustration Guide
    • Application Specific Guides To Drip Irrigation
    • How To Seal A Hole In Drip Tubing
    • How To Seal A Gash In Drip Tubing
    • What Is A Pressure Regulating Emitter
    • How To Clean An Emitter
    • How To Replace An Emitter
    • Gravity Feed Rain Barrel Drip System
Lawn Care
  > Lawn Care Maintenance
    • How Much To Water
    • How Should Slope Areas Be Watered
    • What Type Of Lawn Do I Have
    • What Type Of Grass Do I Have
    • What Type Of Weeds Are Growing In My Lawn And How To Remove Them
    • How To Conserve Water With An Irrigation System
    • Water Conservation Tips Using Mulch
    • Water Conservation Tips - 5 Fast Fixes
    • Water Audit
    • Step By Step Routine Maintenance
    • Lawn Watering Tips
  > Fertilizer Systems
    • What Is The Importance Of Fertilizing My Lawn
  > Pest Control
    • What Pests Are Harmful To My Lawn
    • Using Your Sprinkler System To Kill Mosquitoes - Skeet-R-Gone
    • Skeet-R-Gone - What Are The Benefits
Sprinkler Troubleshooting
  > What To Do If Zone Will Not Shut Off
  > My Sprinkler System Is Using Too Much Water
  > Wet Spots Or Slow Leakage Out Of Sprinklers When System Is Off
  > Brown Spots Broken Heads And Sprinkler Coverage Problems
  > Troubleshooting Chart - Water Supply
  > Troubleshooting Chart - Valves
  > Troubleshooting Chart - Sprinklers
  > Troubleshooting Chart - Wire Problems
  > Troubleshooting Chart - Drip Irrigation
  > Troubleshooting Chart - Controllers And Timers
Traveling Sprinklers
Valve Boxes
Wire & Electrical
Drip Emitter Manifolds
Drip Sprays & Misters
Drip Foggers
Water Conservation
Drip Mini Sprinklers
Drip Stakes & Risers
Media & Apparel
Irrigation DVDs
T-Shirts & Caps
Cool Stuff
Drip Shrub Adapters
Drip Retrofit Kits
Drip Fertilizer Systems
Drip Tools
Drip Accessories
Design & Install Guide
Drip Irrigation Guide
Drip Applications
Agricultural Landscape Areas
Combination Applications
Combination Applications in Medians
Combination Applications in Parking Lots
Commercial Large Landscape Areas
Commercial Potted Plants
Crib Walls
Dense Applications
Dense Applications in Medians
Dense Applications in Parking Lots
Dense Applications on Sloped Areas
Hanging Baskets
Hillside Applications
Raised Beds
Residential Large Landscape Area
Residential Potted Plants
Retaining Walls
Sparse Applications
Sparse Applications in Medians
Sparse Applications in Parking Lots
Sparse Applications on Sloped Areas
Valve Parts Guide
Anti-Siphon Valves
Buyer's Guide
Timers / Controllers
Remote Controls
Rain & Freeze Sensors
Sprays and Rotors
  > Irritrol Nozzle Performance Charts
  > Toro Nozzle Performance Charts
  > Weathermatic Nozzle Performance Charts
  > Nelson Nozzle Performance Charts
  > Rain Bird Nozzle Performance Charts
  > Hunter Nozzle Performance Charts
  > Rotor Performance Charts
Backflow Devices
Irrigation Valves
Drip Irrigation
Convert Rain Bird Part Numbers
Lawn & Garden
Address Plaques
  > Dekorra Circle Shaped Address Plaques
  > Dekorra Designer Shaped Address Plaques
  > Dekorra Oval Shaped Address Plaques
  > Dekorra Rectangle Shaped Address Plaques
Artificial Rock Covers
  > Artificial Rock Block Edging
  > Insulated Pouches
  > Rock Covers for Flower Pots
  > Rock Covers for Irrigation
    • Rock Model 101
  > Rock Covers with Water Fountains
  > Septic Covers
    • Rock Model 103
    • Rock Model 102
    • Rock Model 103
    • Rock Model 108
    • Rock Model 109
    • Rock Model 111
    • Rock Model 112
  > Utility Box Covers
    • Rock Model 102
    • Rock Model 103
    • Rock Model 104
    • Rock Model 105
    • Rock Model 106
    • Rock Model 109
    • Rock Model 110
    • Rock Model 113
    • Rock Model 113
  > Well Pump Covers
    • Rock Model 102
    • Rock Model 104
    • Rock Model 107
    • Rock Model 109
    • Rock Model 110
    • Rock Model 116
    • Rock Model 101
    • Rock Model 101
    • Rock Model 102
    • Rock Model 103
    • Rock Model 104
    • Rock Model 109
    • Rock Model 114
Backflow Enclosures
  > Backflow Cages & Locks
  > Backflow Covers
Compost Systems
Pump Enclosures
Garden Planters
Rain Barrels
Rock Border Systems
Root Watering Devices
Poly Tubing Tools
Recommended Products
Controllers / Timers
Sprinkler Rotors
Sprinkler Sprays
Product Manuals
Armada Manuals
EZ Flo Manuals
  > EZ Flo Mainline Units
  > EZ Flo Hose Bib Units
  > EZ Flo Quick Help
Febco-Watts Manuals
  > Febco Double Check Valves
  > Febco Reduced Pressure Valves
  > Febco Pressure Vacuum Breakers
  > Febco Pressure Reducing Valves
Hunter Manuals
  > Hunter / Timers
  > Hunter Remotes
  > Hunter Sensors
  > Hunter Sprinkler Sprays
  > Hunter Sprinkler Rotors
  > Hunter Valves
Irritrol Manuals
  > Irritrol Controllers / Timers
  > Irritrol Remotes
  > Irritrol Sprinkler Sprays
  > Irritrol Sprinkler Rotors
  > Irritrol Valves
Signature Manuals
  > Signature Controllers / Timers
  > Signature Sensors
  > Signature Sprinkler Sprays
  > Signature Sprinkler Rotors
  > Signature Valves
Rain Bird Manuals
  > Rain Bird Controllers / Timers
  > Rain Bird Sensors
  > Rain Bird Sprinkler Sprays
  > Rain Bird Sprinkler Rotors
  > Rain Bird Valves
Toro Manuals
  > Toro Controllers / Timers
  > Toro Remotes
  > Toro Sensors
  > Toro Sprinkler Sprays
  > Toro Sprinkler Rotor
  > Toro Valves
Weathermatic Manuals
  > Weathermatic Controllers / Timers
  > Weathermatic Sprinkler Rotors
  > Weathermatic Valves
IrriGator Blog
Sprinkler Talk Forum
Lighting School™
  > Completing the Plan
  > Choose a Transformer
  > Cable Size
  > Installation Steps
  > Voltage Drop
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