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DIG Home Grow Drip Kit | GRWKIT-12

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DIG Home Grow Drip Kit 

Kit Includes: 

  • One 12-outlet drip manifold with mini disk filter
  • Twelve 1/4" converter barbs
  • Twelve 1-GPH pressure compensating button emitters with a built-in check valve
  • One 100' of 1/4" micro tubing
  • One instruction manual

Features & Benefits

DIG's GRWKIT-12 Home Grow Drip Kit can be used to grow up to 12 potted plants with any medium in small to large spaces, indoor or outdoor. The kit includes a 12-outlet manifold, micro tubing to extend the emitters to the plants, and 12, 1-GPH PC drip emitters with a check valve. When the water is shut off, the drip emitters stop dripping as pressure drops below 2.2 PSI, leading to less water waste and nutrient runoff.

This concept is the most simple and advanced design for starting a drip system retrofitting a 1/2" sprinkler riser. DIG's GRWKIT-12 Home Grow Kit may be used as an individual kit to cover up to 12 pots or incorporated into a system with a substantially greater number of pots to grow herbs, strawberries, cannabis, tomatoes and more.

The 12, 1-GPH pressure compensating drip emitters provide even uniformity from each outlet at a pressure of up to 45 PSI. The kit includes 12 stakes to secure the micro tubing with the drip emitter to each pot, 12 converter barbs to connect the 1/4” micro tubing to the manifold and 100’ of 1/4” micro tubing to complete the installation.

  • Grow up to 12 potted plants, including herbs, strawberries, tomatoes and many others
  • Drip manifold is easily installed and can be opened to clean the mini disc filter inside
  • Pressure regulated, self-flushing drip emitters with a built-in check valve attached at the end of the micro tubing stop dripping when water pressure drops below 2.2 PSI
  • Drip emitters' pressure compensating feature delivers consistent flow over a wide range of pressures and reduces lateral filling time to save water and fertilizer.
  • Drip emitters' self-activated flushing mechanism is designed to ensure continuous flushing of sediments and small particles for a better system operation over time.
  • Composed of superior materials for a long life
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Unaffected by fluctuating inlet water pressure
  • No special tools or glue are needed.
  • Eight plugs provide a means of closing up to eight outlets.
  • Includes flexible micro tubing for easy installation
  • Can be automatically controlled with a small pump or with one of DIG's timers utilizing two to four start times per day

Product Details

  • Manifold inlet: 1/2" FNPT
  • Manifold outlet: 12 outlets to fit 1/4" converter barbs
  • Mini disc filter: 60 mesh
  • Operating pressure range: 10 to 50 PSI
  • Required opening pressure: 4.3 PSI
  • Temperature range: up to 122°F (50°C)
  • Closing pressure: 2.2 PSI
  • Flow rate per outlet: 1 GPH (3.8 L/H), color brown/black
  • Micro tubing length & size: 100' x 1/4"
  • Inlet size: 1/4" barb
  • Outlet side: 1/8" barb
    • Material: high-impact plastic and silicone diaphragms

** High water temperature in a micro irrigation lateral
will influence the flow discharge.


Installation Suggestions

Installing the Home Grow Kits' 12-outlet manifold onto a conventional 1/2” riser requires just a few simple steps. The most suitable use for the the kit is to water pots planted with herbs, strawberries, cannabis, tomatoes, roses or individual plants that can be irrigated more efficiently using a drip irrigation system.
* Use short lengths of micro tubing that don't exceed 8-10 feet from the manifold. This will allow for easy maintenance.
* Use a minimum of two drip emitters per pot.

Installation Steps:

  1. Insert the barbed converter into each of the 12 outlet ports.
  2. Turn the water on and flush the line momentarily.
  3. Thread the 12-outlet manifold into the 1/2” riser.
  4. Connect the 1/4” micro tubing into the converter barb by forcing the micro tubing over the barb (vinyl micro tubing is preferable to polyethylene, since it's more flexible).
  5. From the manifold, extend measured lengths of 1/4” micro tubing to each pot and insert the PC button dripper’s large barbed side into the end of the micro tubing.
  6. Secure the end of the micro tubing with a PC drip emitter using the stake included in the kit.
  7. If any of the manifold outlets are not used, remove the manifold cover, remove the mini disc filter and close the unused port with the rubber cap included.
  8. Insert the mini disc filter and thread the cover back on, making sure that the large “O” ring is in place.
  9. Turn the water on and check the system, making sure that there is no leak from the 12-outlet manifold, that all outlets are functioning and that each pot has two PC drip emitters, with one on each side of the pot.

One of the most common installation errors related to drip irrigation is using too few, and poorly spaced, drip emitters. Often only a single emitter is placed at the base of a newly planted potted plant. In light soil used with pots, a single drip emitter will only wet a very small area. Adding a second drip emitter gives a larger watering coverage with better root development. For this reason, it is especially important to place additional drip emitters around each plant, early in the plant's life.

Box Contents

QTY Description
1 12-outlet drip manifold with mini disk filter
12 1/4" converter barbs
12 1-GPH pressure compensating button emitters with a built-in check valve
1 100' of 1/4" micro tubing
1 instruction manual


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