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Drip Irrigation Tubing Basics

Drip Irrigation Illustration Guide

Drip Irrigation

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Overview of a Drip Sprinkler System

Here is an overview of a drip irrigation system.
Click a number on the larger digrams below to see what parts are available at your Sprinkler Warehouse.

Beginning half of Drip Sprinkler System
1. Control Zone Kit 5. Xeri-Black Stripe Tubing 11. Easy Fit Elbow
  1a. Low Flow Valve 6. Xeri-Bug Emitter 12. Diffuser Bug Cap
  1b. Pressure Regulating Filter 7. 3/4" Tubing Stake 13. PC Emitter Diffuser Cap
2. Easy Fit Female Adapter 8. 3/4" Tubing 14. PC Module
3. Easy Fit Coupling 9. 3/4" Tee 15. Poly Flex Riser Assembly
4. Xeriman Tool 10. Tie-Down Stake 16. BIGIE Stake

End half of Drip Sprinkler System
17. 1/4 Self-Piercing Barb Connector 23. Xeri-Flex Dripline 29. Easy Fit Tee
18. Xeri PC Nozzle 24. Tubing Cutter 30. Easy Fit Flush Cap
19. Xeri-Pop 25. Xeri-Bird Pro 31. Purple Landscape Dripling
20. Xeri-Bubbler 26. In-Stem Pressure Regulator 32. Easy Fit Male Adapter
21. Air Relief Valve Kit 27. EMT-6XERI 33. XT-700 Distribution Tubing
22. SEB-6X Emitter Valve Box 28. Xeri PC Nozzle Adapter with
PolyFlex Riser
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