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Hunter PCN 2 GPM Pressure Compensating Umbrella Bubbler Nozzle | PCN-20

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Hunter PCN-20 PCN Bubbler Nozzle (2 gpm)

With the ability to compensate for pressure differences, the Hunter bubbler nozzles allow the output of water to remain constant regardless of the input pressure. This allows for accurate application never before achieved in bubblers. The same holds true with the MSBN and 5-CST-B nozzles, designed for deep watering of larger planted areas. While the PCB is a fixed above-ground water emitter, the PCN is compatible with the Pro-Spray spray bodies, and sinks into the ground the same way a pop-up would. With easy installation and the ultimate in reliability, now every plant, shrub, or tree can receive the same amount of water required with no excess runoff or waste.

Features / Benefits
  • Eight streams
  • Full circle arc
  • 2 GPM flow and 1 ft. radius at 30 PS
  • All the precision of drip, but none of the maintenance hassles
  • Installs on a pop-up sprinkler
More Information
Brand Hunter
Type Bubbler Nozzle
Max PSI 70 PSI
Operating PSI 15 - 70 PSI
Warranty 2 Years
Spray Pattern Full Circle