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Hunter X-CORE 6 Station Indoor Controller | XC-600i

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Hunter X-CORE 6 Station
Indoor Controller

  • Hunter X-CORE Indoor Controller (XC-600i)
  • 6 Station (Fixed)
  • Standard Controller

This entry-level residential controller offers simple operation with Solar Sync compatibility. With easy-to-configure control for up to 8 stations, including 3 programs and 4 start times each, the X-Core is the perfect solution for residential applications. Install the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor that regulates irrigation run times daily based on locally measured weather. X-Core is also compatible with Hunter remotes for quick, wireless activation of irrigation. Installation, operation, and maintenance are designed to be simple while still delivering optimal efficiency and reliabilit

Features & Benefits

WaterSense Smart Watering Controller By Adding Solar Sync

By adding a Solar Sync to your Hunter controller, it transforms into a smart controller using local weather conditions to tailor watering schedules to actual conditions on the site. A Hunter controller with Solar Sync has been independently proven to have a detailed list of water saving features and has been approved by the EPA as a WaterSense Smart Watering Controller.

Easy Retrieve Memory

A manual back-up utility that stores complete controller scheduling and setup information in back-up memory. This allows the saved watering schedule to be restored at any time. This can be used to set a controller back to its initial settings after tampering or at the beginning of a new season.

Programmable Rain Delay

The Programmable Rain Delay feature incorporates a user specified number of days to keep the controller in the OFF mode, then allows for the system to automatically revert back to scheduled irrigation. This will prevent watering during an extended period of inclement weather, but will resume watering automatically without requiring a return visit to the controller. The controller displays the number of days remaining before watering resumes.

Quick Check

The QuickCheck feature makes field wiring issues easy to assess with the push of a button. QuickCheck displays an ERR message when a field wiring short is detected on a particular station number.

Non-Volatile Memory

This feature offers protection against unreliable power, retaining current time, date, and program data.

Automatic Short Circuit Protection

Automatic short circuit protection is a feature found in all Hunter AC powered controllers. This feature automatically detects electrical faults, which are typically caused by wiring issues. Only affected stations are skipped, allowing all other stations to water normally as programmed. There are no fuses to blow or internal circuit breakers to trip, so complete irrigation system shutdown is avoided.

Seasonal Adjustment: Global or Automatic Updates with Solar Sync

This feature allows for quick adjustments to irrigation run times through a percentage scale. During peak season, set the seasonal adjustment to 100%. If weather conditions require less water, enter the appropriate percentage value (i.e. 50%) to cut down irrigation run times without the need to adjust each station in the program. This model offers two different ways to use Seasonal Adjustment to reduce water usage: Global and Daily.

Global: The Global option provides a Seasonal Adjustment percentage to all station Run Times on all of the controller's Programs.

Daily: With the addition of a Solar Sync ET Sensor, the controller has the ability to automatically implement daily adjustments based on measured local weather.

Delay Between Stations

Users can program a delay between stations as the controller advances from one station to the next. This delay can range from a few seconds (to permit slow-closing valves additional time to close) to a much longer period of time (to allow pressure tanks time to recharge), based on user requirements.

Sensor Programmability

The ability to specify which program will be shut down in response to a specific sensor alarm. This allows programs unaffected by the sensor to continue automatic operations.

Product Details

  • Number of stations: 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Type: Fixed
  • Enclosures: Indoor and outdoor
  • Independent programs: 3
  • Start times per program: 4
  • Max. station run time: 4 hrs
  • Transformer input: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Transformer output: 24 VAC, 1 A
  • Station output: 24 VAC, 0.56 A
  • P/MV output: 24 VAC, 0.28 A
  • Sensor inputs: 1
  • Approvals: Plastic IP54, UL, c-UL, FCC, CE, RCM
  • Warranty period: 2 years
Hunter X-CORE 6 Station Indoor Controller


  • A - Height: 6½"
  • B - Width: 5¾"
  • C - Depth: 2"

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Product Tag:
Low Cost Solutions
Product Type:
Controller (AC)
Enclosure Type:
Max Station Run Time (HRS):
2 years
Smart Features:
Remote Control Ready
Freeze Sensor Compatible:
Number of Programs:
Start Times Per Program:
Sensor Compatible:
Rain, Freeze
Rain Sensor Compatible:
Controller (AC)
4.6 / 5.0
27 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Easy to install
I bought this to replace my old one. Very easy to install and program.
July 2, 2017
over 2 years ago
Good unit
Direct replacement for my old unit. Works and programs like old unit, very pleased
June 22, 2017
over 2 years ago
Excellent product
I purchased this unit to replace another Hunter X600 that was ruined by a power surge. Quick replacement with no problems and it works beautifully.
October 28, 2017
over 2 years ago
Works perfectly
Arrived faster than expected, very easy to install, works great!
August 24, 2018
1 year ago
Good Controller
Easy to use.
August 23, 2014
over 5 years ago
Andy S.
The control panel is compact , easy to connect and set up. I paid a great price for the Hunter.
July 27, 2018
1 year ago
Great Product
This unit was used to replace an identical unit that took a surge during a thunderstorm. The company that installed our unit was going to charge me $300 to replace it. Doing it myself I was able to save $225. It was simple to install.
June 14, 2015
Good Product and Great service
Just what the landscaper wanted to upgrade my system.
February 16, 2016
The Sprinkler Warehouse customer support person helped me find the right command module to replace my outdated one. They also helped out when I had a question about the installation of the module.

Great company! Will do more business with them.
November 10, 2017
over 2 years ago
Our new XC-600i
'Amazing unit...just like the one struck by lightning! This time around we're putting a sgl surge protector on it in an effort to possibly "protect" it from future lightning strikes...Thanx!
September 18, 2018
1 year ago
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Why did you choose this?
SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
It was the current model replacement for an obsolete unit.
G R on Nov 8, 2018
This is one of the easiest controllers to set up and use. I put in serveral controllers a year and ALWAYS use hunter. you can easily set it up without even using the guide.( not recommended) The customer can easily with the push of a button water on command.
Linda K on Sep 15, 2018
It was the current model replacement for an obsolete unit.
G R on Nov 8, 2018
Needed to replace existing controller hit by lightning
Karen B on Nov 7, 2018
This is one of the easiest controllers to set up and use. I put in serveral controllers a year and ALWAYS use hunter. you can easily set it up without even using the guide.( not recommended) The customer can easily with the push of a button water on command.
Linda K on Sep 15, 2018
Price, availability and free shipping
J S on Sep 9, 2018
replacement tor Hunter SRC PLUS
A J on Aug 10, 2018
It is a replacement for my old one that quit working
M A on Aug 2, 2018
This is what the sprinkler people bought to replace mine. They wanted too much money to install it.
B R on Jul 26, 2018
My existing one was fried by lightning
D W on Jul 26, 2018
R L on Jun 2, 2018
All I need & have good experience w/Hunter products !
Z S on Jun 2, 2018
Familiar with this product and its programming
William L on Jun 1, 2018
came with new house eight years ago. Preferred a familiar replacement.
T E on May 18, 2018
replacing same one
M M on May 16, 2018
recommended by a plumber
M A on May 7, 2018
To replace a failed sprinkler controller.
A S on May 6, 2018
My existing controller broke after 15 years. (Rain byrd) My local sprinkler installer recommended this one.
C P on May 5, 2018
Recommended by a friend and reviews were very good.
L O on Apr 26, 2018
It's on Sprinkler Warehouse's available items list.
B Y on Apr 23, 2018
We feel Hunter makes one of the best residential sprinkler systems. Have been a Hunter customer for years.
C A on Apr 21, 2018
Replacement for my XC 400i, just a little more expensive than the 400i, expandable to more stations and remote control- although I'm not sure why one would want another remote.
K U on Mar 8, 2018
Same system as prior that is currently installed but not functioning
B R on Feb 27, 2018
Replacement for one I have that quit working
Drumine H on Feb 21, 2018
Replacement part that came with house sprinkler system in 2013/2014
B R on Oct 2, 2017
To replace what I already have and familiar with.
R I on Sep 30, 2017
This is what was broke on my sprinkler system.
M A on Sep 1, 2017
Seem like it has room for a master valve
S D on Jul 19, 2017
Best brand
R I on Jun 3, 2017
It replaces the one we have.
G R on May 15, 2017
Only purchased to repair existing installed controllers. The Pro-C has a long history with me of poor quality electronics and short lived faceplates.
Doug S on Apr 26, 2017
Hunter controllers are user friendly and easy to program. The small Rainbird controllers come with pre-programmed settings that have to be edited. Too complicated for people that haven't been exposed to the controllers. Hunter controllers are much easier to explain to the uninformed.
Robert H B on Apr 19, 2017
I have been using this product for years and now I have some more terrain and that is the reason to buy an other timer.
C O on Mar 31, 2017
Functional and inexpensive
J O on Mar 26, 2017
I like hunter quality
A D on Feb 1, 2017
Nee to replace older Hunter SRC Sprinkler
B O on Nov 28, 2016
replacement for mine
B B on Nov 23, 2016
Sprinkler guy got it for me and, yes, it came with the transformer. I was unable to answer a customer's question via your e-mail sending me the question. Don't know what's wrong.<br /><br />Pat Fraser
Pat F on Aug 7, 2012
Needed to replace existing controller hit by lightning
Karen B on Nov 7, 2018
Price, availability and free shipping
J S on Sep 9, 2018
When you replace the indoor sprinkler timers, you don't have to turn the power off, correct? Just unplug the old one, rewire, and plug in new one?
Trabecca on Mar 15, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The power brick from the timer powers the whole system. So you do not need to turn the power off.
Is this item easy to install? I am replacing an old controller timer
TOm B on Sep 1, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Pretty easy. You'll have up to six colored wires to transfer from one timer to the other that are connected to your existing stations and numbered by sequence. Loosen and mark those. To install, simply loosen the screw under the appropriate number and slip the exposed copper wire under the flange that will tighten up again. (Be sure to run your wires through the access circle at the bottom.) The common wire from your old timer (ususally white) should install under the "C" screw, and your 24 volt ac wires install under the two screws on the far left. These are the two yellow wires that come from your adapter, and there is no right or wrong way to install them. I find that it is easier to hook the wires up before installing the body of the timer to the wall. Good luck.
My electricity goes out continually at my house, will I need to reset the clock each time, or does it have battery back-up?
Trabecca on Mar 14, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Hi Tracy, I've had my Hunter XC-6000i for about 10 months now with no problems. It comes with a backup battery (replaceable) installed. You pull out a little plastic isolator strip after installing to connect the battery to the system. Being the lightning capitol of North America, we get our share of power failures here in central Florida. Other than daylight saving time changes, I've never had to adjust the clock once it was set up even with numerous power failures.
Can this controller do a manual run of all stations?
A shopper on Aug 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I believe it can do individual sector manual runs but I just simply alter the day time to do a full run then change it back after the run it takes less than 10 seconds.
Otherwise I find the unit very reliable and flexible.
i have an existing.hunter system- is a new controller difficult to replace? My clock is dead and the system is quite old- 15 years or so. The irrigation company wants to charge me 500.00 to change it out. Please advise
A shopper on Aug 21, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Hunter XCi 6 indoor timer was very simple to install,I installed the whole system myself so as not to have to pay an irrigation company the big bucks, when it came time to wire the timer and set the clock ect. I would say it took me any where from 1/2 an hour to 1 hour to do everything needed to have the system run. Hope this helps you
Does this unit have a separate fuse within the controller. Is there a way to open the top half of the controller?
Bill F on Jun 26, 2013
BEST ANSWER: 1) separate fuse within controller: no, but there is a reset button for power spikes etc, it clears the memory and resets the controller unit
2) open top...? No, not sure why you would need or want to? The bottom section slides off to expose battery compartment and all connxn terminals

hope this helps, I have been using for the last season and it took some time to adjust for seasonal situations in my area, but I have done this as it allows and I like it!
Is the seasonal adjust by month?
Dan U on Jan 7, 2014
BEST ANSWER: We have not used the seasonal adjust feature for our installations throughout our condo complex. We have found that we have limited ability to predict watering needs from day-to-day, week-to-week or month-to-month. Nevertheless, thanks for the question because we will look into using this seasonal adjust feature.
We have a Hunter PSC that is really old and we want to upgrade the system do we need the Hunter XCI 6? We have 5 stations on this system and we don't want anything that is fancy, just simple to operate. Thank You!
Susan L on Jul 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I bought this to replace a 30 year old Orbit controller.

Basic programming is very easy. When you start using a Solar Sync attachment or do a complex program, it can get complicated fast, although I've been able to figure everything out.

Main reason I bought this controller: my water company paid for it! Check and see if yours has a conservation rebate program.
What does the sensor bypass / active switch do? On the 6 station Hunter XC
A shopper on Jul 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The switch controls a wired rain sensor if there is one installed on your system. If there is a sensor installed, the switch needs to be in the active position to sense rain and prevent the sprinklers from running. If the sensor is wet it will prevent the system from running until it dries out. If there is a need to run the system while the sensor is still wet flip the switch to bypass.
What is the difference between the Hunter XC-600i and the Hunter XC-600?
K S on Apr 29, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The difference between the hunter XC-600i and the XC-600 is the mounting location. The XC-600i (i is for indoor) can only be mounted indoors. This usually means mounting in a weather-tight shed, garage, basement/crawl space, or laundry/utility room. Remember that all your valve and sensor wiring probably has to go through an exterior wall. An electric outlet must also be near your mounting location.

The XC-600 comes in it's own weather-tight enclosure and can be mounted outdoors. This usually means mounting on the exterior/foundation wall of your home, shed, fence, or garage. It can also be mounted freestanding using a post or rigid conduit. Electric power is typically hard wired in the enclosure, so power and your valve and sensor wires must be run to the location.

The features and operation of both timers is identical. I purchased the XC-600i because I was replacing a very old timer mechanical that was mounted in a detached garage. All wiring and power was already in that location. This timer is rock solid reliable and has served my needs perfectly. I highly recommend it...just know whether it's going to be mounted inside or outside.

Rick in SC
I have an older Hunter unit Model # SRC 600 i .Will the XC 600 i unit replace this and work the same way?
A shopper on Jul 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I'm not familiar with your old controller...I did a search on "Google" it came back saying Hunter Industries says the XC Controller is the replacement for your old controller....Hunter has in it's video library around 12 videos showing how to operate the XC...and you can also down load the manual to view the setup and connections to the controller. Hope this helps
will this replace the hunter model src?
A shopper on Jun 27, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I don't know what the src model is. Mine had got hit during a lightening storm and this one was easy to replace and works just like my last one. Very easy to set up and use for different days, times, and zones.
I Have 5 stations but have 2 white common wires. Is it ok to hook both common wires to the common screw. My old hunter unit was hooked up 1 common wire to common and the other to MV. Also i have no sensors connected ?
David T on Oct 10, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It's ok to hook up two common wires, one from the sprinkler valves and one from the main valve, to the same Common screw. The main thing to be aware of is the current rating of the controller, which is 0.56 A per station and 0.9 A overall (including the Main Valve).

But the wire that was connected to the MV terminal of the old controller was more likely the hot lead to your main valve (or pump), not the common lead. There should have been another wire from the main valve that was part of the Common circuit. Note that the wire can be part of the circuit without coming all the way back to the terminal on the controller! It could also be spliced in anywhere along the Common wire from the sprinkler valves, and still be correctly connected. (This is actually how it's shown schematically in the Owner's Manual.)

Without knowing more about your installation, I'd say that it's more likely that the wire that was on the MV (Main Valve) terminal of the old controller should go to the P (Pump) terminal of the XC-600i. (Whether it's connected to a pump or to a main valve doesn't matter. The point is to turn on another device that needs to be on whenever any of the other sprinkler valves is on.)

Generally it's helpful if the wire colors are all used for consistent purposes, such as all of the white wires being used as Common leads. But I wouldn't rely on it. It's very possible that there weren't enough colors to have a different one for each lead, so whoever installed it originally just picked a white one for the MV supply.
I can turn my front flower bed sprinklers on by going to the control valve and turn it on and it works but when I try to run this section in manual or auto mode it will not turn?
H E on Jul 12, 2014
BEST ANSWER: My experience tells me that in all likelihood you have your timer programmed so that the zone containing the valve in question is not programmed corrected or that the zone valve is not wired correctly. Checking these two items would be the first things that I would check.
This system was already installed in my house when I purchased and I am not able to adjust the times and watering days. Can you help answer?
A shopper on Jan 23, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I beleive you can get the manual as a download off of the Sprinkler Warehouse website.

You may need to simply do a reset of the timer and then re-program it as you want it to be.
Is there a model that has seasonal adjustment capability month to month?
Dan U on Jan 7, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The model does not have month-to-month seasonal adjustment, but it does offer a VERY easy manual seasonal adjustment, which takes about 15 seconds to perform. I purchased this controller in early 2013 and it has performed flawlessly since.
My question is regarding programming. How do I add a zone? I was trying to fix the run/program times and also the current time, and noticed that Zone 5 was not there. But, I just ran the sprinkler system through the program this morning and Zone 5 did come on. I'm confused. :-) Thanks for any help.
Ruth S. on Aug 10, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I'm thinking perhaps you may have skipped over zone 5 when initially programming your box. It's easy to press the keys one too many times without realizing it, and then you have to advance through whatever it was you were doing to start over again.

Press the keys slowly and deliberately, pausing between each to ensure the program advanced properly.
I am needing to replace an older Hunter 600. Will the 600i be compatible?
Dave Durand on Jun 12, 2013
BEST ANSWER: any 25 volt ac controller will replace any other 25 volt ac controller for turning the watering stations on or off as long as it has at least as many station connections as the original.

The XC-600i has a 25 volt ac transformer that plugs into a regular wall outlet. I measured the out put from the transformer and the actual output reading was 27 volts ac.

Be sure to pull out the protective tab on the back up battery. See manual. You can download manuals from Hunter. If you have the manual for the existing controller, you can compare them if you need to check supported features.
does it come with the transformer?
A shopper on Aug 6, 2012
BEST ANSWER: It dosent need a transformer. It plugs into a standard house outlet with a standard three prong plug. If you have an outdoor one i dont know. The cord is included and is very easy to install.
i have a toro vision ll which is all but failing could i use this as a suitable replacement?
Eric B on Apr 18, 2012
BEST ANSWER: I don't see why not. It's basically just a solinoid switch on a timer. All the programing is just window dressing. When it's on it sends current to operate the electric valve. Just verify the voltage out and the voltage needed.
does this controller have a battery for backup in case of power failure?
Samuel L on Jan 9, 2019
BEST ANSWER: yes 9 volt
installation wiring how?
A shopper on Sep 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: First, download the Installation instructions / owners manual from either the manufacturers website or Sprinkler warehouse and read the instructions.
If you are replacing an existing controller. take pictures of existing wiring.

General Description:
The xc-600i can handle up to 6 Stations (groups of sprinkler heads or rotors). each group has a control valve to furnish water to the group. It is not likely that you have enough water pressure to operate all of the sprinkler heads in the total system fr0m one control valve, therefore you need several stations. Each control valve must have a ground wire to it from a common loop from the ground terminal on the controller. a wire must be connected from a a numbered terminal on the controller to the proper terminal on the control valve. the ground wire and the power wires should be different colors, my ground wire is white and power wires are red, Yours may be different.

The transformer furnished with the controller can be plugged into a electrical wall outlet. The output from the transformer is approximately 20 -25 volts AC.
why no display when plugged in?
A shopper on Apr 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Are you sure the outlet is "live"?

Are all connections secure?

Nothing when you rotate the dial?

Perhaps the unit is defective?
i have the old system Hunter 600i with the fuse. Is this system the replacement model ? Hunter XC series
A shopper on Apr 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, they no longer make the SRC6I controller. You can replace it with this xc 600I.
will this unit control a pump?
rrend on May 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Good question. Mine is only connected to sprinkler valves. Rather than speculating, call the mfg direct, they have been very helpful when I had some programing questions. Look up Hunter Industries, (I can't post a phone number for you) Good luck.
What is the best replacement for 6-zone controller? Previously had SRC600i
Randy H on Mar 11, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I purchased the Hunter XC-600i 6 station indoor sprinkler timer to replace my broken 6 station timer. It was easy to install and worked well with my non Hunter valves. Recently I replaced my valves due to sand in the line and purchased Hunter valves. The prices are reasonable. I am very pleased with both products.
I have a failed Hunter SRC indoor controller,I am told they are out of production. Which one replaces the SRC ??. I have been given different answers.
A shopper on Oct 17, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The Hunter X-Core series should match quite well to your needs if you were using a Hunter SRC. The capabilitiies should be the same or better, and the wiring very similar. Check the specs to see which model matches best; the i indicates the indoor model, and the first of the three digits indicates the number of stations available. Note: these timers do not expand to more stations if needed. You would need the Pro-C series to do that.
will this unit use same wiring as hunter xc?
A shopper on Jun 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes it can use the same wire. You need to make sure your wire set has enough wires to cover all your zones
what is the solar feature on hunter XC600i?
Samuel L on Jan 9, 2019
BEST ANSWER: oops, disregard that last answer. This is an AC clock which is NOT used with solar panel kit. You are referring to the weather sensor. I do not have experience with all the weather sensor options, we dont get enough rain around here to worry about it.
Need a book on it lost mine can I get one .?
A shopper on May 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: try hunterindustries(dot)com under homeowners/manuals/xcore

sorry not allowed to put direct link

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