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K-Rain SuperPro Rotor 5" | 10003

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K-Rain 10003 5 in. Pop-Up Super Pro Adjustable Rotor

  • K-Rain Rotor
  • Series: Super Pro
  • Pop-Up Height: 5 inches

K-Rain SuperPro Rotor

Features & Benefits

  • Patented Flow Shut-Off - Allows individual heads to be turned off during installation or adjustment - perfect for quick nozzle changes
  • 5" Riser - Perfect for grasses with thick thatch
  • 3/4" Inlet - Replaces all standard rotors
  • Revolutionary Patented Easy Arc Set- Simplified arc set allows for wet dry adjustment in seconds
  • 2N1 Adjustable or Continuous Rotation - Provides a full range of adjustment from 40 ½ to a continuous full circle.
  • Patented Arc Set Degree Markings ½ Clearly indicates the current watering pattern and simplifies arc set adjustment
  • Arc Memory Clutch ½ Prevents internal gear damage and returns rotor to its prior setting automatically if nozzle turret is forced past its stop.
  • Time Proven Patented Reversing Mechanism- Assures continuous reverse and return...over a 20 year history.
  • Ratcheting Riser ½ Allows for easy adjustment of your left starting position with a simple turn of the riser.
  • Rubber Cover ½ Seals out dirt and increases product durability
  • Wide Selection of Nozzles - Including standard and low angle, provides flexibility in system design.
  • Optional Check Valve - Prevents low head drainage.

The SUPERPRO Rotor has a patented flow shut-off which will render installations easier and drier. Perfect for new construction where newly installed sod can be watered while rotors installed in other areas awaiting sod can be shut off until sod is complete. Like all K-Rain Pro series rotors, the SUPERPRO is packed with innovative features: Partial to continuous 360 degree coverage, interchangeable nozzles for matched precipitation, patented Easy Arc Set and Arc Memory Clutch, making the SUPERPRO the premier rotor in its class.

Changing a Nozzle

  1. Removing the nozzle retention screw
    • Use your K-Key or a small flat blade screwdriver to remove the nozzle retention screw by turning counter-clockwise to remove and clockwise to re-install.
  2. Pull up the riser
    • Insert the K-Key in the keyhole on the top of the nozzle turret and turn the key 1/4 turn to insure that the key does not slip out of the keyhole when you pull it up. Firmly pull up the entire spring-loaded riser to access the nozzle socket. Hold the riser assembly up with one hand.
  3. Removing the nozzle
    • With the nozzle retention screw removed, insert the K-Key into the slot directly under the nozzle "prongs" at the top of the nozzle. Now, turn the key 1/4 turn to "hook" the nozzle and pull the nozzle out.
  4. Installing a nozzle
    • Press the desired nozzle into the nozzle socket. Make sure the nozzle number is visible and the nozzle "prongs" are up. Then, re-install the nozzle retention screw. NOTE: The nozzle retention screw is also a break-up screw and used to adjust the distance of the spray.

Setting the Arc Adjustment

  1. Finding the left start position
    • Place your finger on the top center of the nozzle turret. Rotate the turret to the right until it stops and then back to the left until it stops. Notice the position of the nozzle arrow. This is the "Left Start" position. The sprinkler will begin spraying from this position and rotate clockwise until it reaches the right Adjustable Stop-Return Point.
  2. Orienting the left start position
    • Insert the K-Key in the keyhole on the top of the nozzle turret and turn the key 1/4 turn to insure that the key does not slip out of the keyhole when you pull it up. Being careful not to allow the nozzle turret to turn, firmly pull up the entire spring-loaded riser. Hold the lower riser assembly up with one hand. Now turn only the lower riser clockwise or counter-clockwise until the nozzle arrow is pointing where you want the sprinkler to begin spraying.
  3. Changing the arc
    • Insert the K-Key or a small flat blade screwdriver into the Arc Set Adjustment slot. Turn clockwise to increase the arc or counter-clockwise to decrease the arc. NOTE: The arc set arrow in the center of the nozzle turret rotates to show the current setting. WHEN SET AT 360°, THE SUPERPRO WILL ROTATE CONTINUOUSLY IN A CLOCKWISE DIRECTION.
  4. Operating the shut off
    • To shut off the water flow insert your K-Key into the flow shut-off slot and turn counter-clockwise. During system operation, the riser will remain elevated. To open flow again, turn key clockwise.

Product Details

  • Inlet: 3/4" Threaded NPT
  • Arc Adjustment Range: 40 to Continuous 360 degree
  • Flow Range: 0.5 - 10.0 GPM
  • Pressure Rating: 20 - 70 PSI
  • Precipitation Rate: 0.05 to 0.74 inches per hour (depending on spacing and nozzle used)
  • Overall Height (Popped Down): 8-3/4"
  • Recommended Spacing: 28 to 44 ft.
  • Radius: 28 to 49 ft.
  • Nozzle Trajectory: 26 degree
  • Low Angle Nozzle Trajectory: 12 degree
  • Standard and Low Angle Nozzle: Included
  • Riser Height: 5"
K-Rain SuperPro Roto K-Rain SuperPro Roto
Nozzle Pressure PSI Radius ft. Flow GPM
#2.5 Factory Installed Nozzle
30 35' 2.5
40 36' 2.8
50 37' 3.2
60 38' 3.6
30 30' .45
40 29' .5
50 26' .6
60 26' .7
30 32' .7
40 32' .8
50 33' .9
60 33’ 1.0
30 30' 1.1
40 32' 1.3
50 33' 1.5
60 33' 1.6
30 38' 2.3
40 38' 2.5
50 40' 2.7
60 42' 3.0
30 35' 3.4
40 36' 3.8
50 38' 4.2
60 39' 4.8
30 42' 4.1
40 44' 4.6
50 45' 5.1
60 46' 5.7
40 46' 5.8
50 48' 6.4
60 49' 7.0
70 49' 7.5
40 42' 7.5
50 45' 8.2
60 48' 9.0
70 48' 9.5
Nozzle Pressure PSI Radius ft. Flow GPM
30 26' 1.3
40 27' 1.5
50 27' 1.7
60 28' 1.9
30 29' 2.9
40 30' 3.3
50 31' 3.4
60 33' 4.0
30 28' 4.0
40 31' 4.7
50 34' 5.0
60 36' 6.0
40 30' 6.0
50 34' 7.0
60 37' 7.8
70 38' 8.2
Data represents test results in zero wind for ProPlus. Adjust for local conditions. Radius may be reduced with nozzle retention screw.
Super Pro
Flow Rate:
.5 - 10 GPM
Spray Pattern:
40 - 360
Spray Radius (ft.):
28 - 49
Riser Material:
Pop-Up Height:
Pressure Range (PSI):
Body Height:
Inlet Size:
Product Type:
Pop-Up Height:
Check Valve:
No Check Valve
Riser Material:
Radius (ft.):
28' - 49'
Part Circle Adjustable (40 - 360)
4.4 / 5.0
18 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Luv these Sprinklers
Great Sprinkler at a great Price!! Easy to adjust for direction and spray patterns
August 22, 2018
1 year ago
K-Rain’s Super Pro is the way to go!
Best gear driven rotor on the market for home owners! The features and quality make this a great choice! Easy to set & adjust if needed. The flow control, which allows you to shut off the water completely on just one head, helps you set & adjust all while having access to the nozzle because the riser is up.
June 20, 2018
over 2 years ago
K-Rain popup
K-Rain is my go to brand for irrigation work. They have a broad range of products and have turned out to work dependably.
August 16, 2018
1 year ago
Excellent product
Currently replacing old other brand pop ups, easy to install and set .
May 9, 2016
Nice sprinklers
Easy to adjust after watching the video. Lots of flexibility on adjustments and easy to set.
May 16, 2020
2 months ago
Great Rotor
Item looks of excellent quality. I liked the fact that it can be installed and shut the flow off. This water flow adjustment can also be used to set the distance the water jet travels. It is super easy to adjust the arc.
March 9, 2016
over 4 years ago
versatile and easy to set
I bought 50 of these to replace and have a stock of heads for my system. Installation is pretty much the same regardless of the head, but manipulating the settings on this unit is really convenient. This head, with all the included nozzles, can cover about any situation you throw at it. I like having the same head across all the heads so I don't have multiple tools or adjustment strategies.
September 18, 2018
1 year ago
Good quality at good price
Good replacement for routers on older systems. Good choice of nozzles allow tuning of water level in irregular shaped zones. The shut off is nice option. The arc adjustment is easy and seems to stay set although it could easily be changed. May net be a good choice in areas with lots of public access.
October 1, 2017
I would buy again
I have a large yard (4 acres) in the country and these sprinklers just keep going. Always the same path and pattern.
March 29, 2016
K-Rain SuperPro Model 10003
The sprinkler head was easy to adjust the spray pattern. I couldn't adjust the left stop when the sprinkler was operating. No problem adjusting it when I took pressure off the circuit. I will plan to buy again as needed.
July 13, 2019
1 year ago
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Why did you choose this?
SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
Charlie C on Jan 17, 2019
Like the feature to be able to turn off the rotor flow while adjusting the pattern.
Brian K on Sep 2, 2018
Charlie C on Jan 17, 2019
Super easy to set and install - consistent and even rain curtain.- great coverage. good value
L N on Sep 10, 2018
Like the feature to be able to turn off the rotor flow while adjusting the pattern.
Brian K on Sep 2, 2018
replacement part
R O on Aug 10, 2018
I use them currently
D A on Aug 1, 2018
R T on Jul 29, 2018
Great product. Great price.
R A on Jul 16, 2018
D A on Jul 8, 2018
Easy to adjust arc.
B R on Jun 16, 2018
I have had very good luck with these rotors very adjustable
H B on Jun 9, 2018
The one in my yard doesn't rotate anymore, so I need a replacement.<br />Kind regards
Matt S on May 15, 2018
I already use this head and want to continue same model
F I on May 14, 2018
My favorite rotor head. Just replacing a couple that didn’t survive the winter barrage of cars and snowplows hitting it.
C H on May 14, 2018
Replacement for failed units.
B R on Apr 29, 2018
My professional choice. An excellent rotor and very dependable. Easy to adjust.
sisupoika on Apr 17, 2018
I have them and I like that you can shut it off
F E on Oct 11, 2017
Same as current use
C E on Sep 29, 2017
Great sprinkler for the money
Brach J on Sep 5, 2017
Replacement for Toro Super 800. This rotor is compatible with the old Toro canister, so replacement can be accomplished by unscrewing the old Toro top nut and just replacing the components. This simple upgrade prevents having to dig up the entire rotor assembly!
J I on Aug 7, 2017
These rotors are easy to use, and adjust, and they are very durable. I'm slowly replacing all of my other branded rotors with these K-Rains, as the old ones fail. They are terrific!
Jim D on Aug 3, 2017
Replacing Toro s800. Looked like this is the original.
S T on Jul 31, 2017
replacing existing broken sprinkler head
peter j on Jul 22, 2017
excellent product
J M on Jul 16, 2017
compatibility with existing system
J T on Jul 12, 2017
These are to replace what I have that stopped working. (Spares)
D T on Jul 9, 2017
Heard more robust rotor than Toro Super 800 but easy replacement.
Chris on Jul 6, 2017
I researched all the models available and over the years I have had all kinds of heads. I have about 40 sprinkler heads in my yard and the original heads were K-rain. There are still a few left. I am on a well so they fill up with rust and stop working but my experience and the research I have done lead me to believe K-rain is the best. Also I like the shut off feature on the super pro.
Stephen D on Jun 9, 2017
to try the adjustable arc
Spencer R on May 10, 2017
B D on May 2, 2017
Excellent rotor, good value, easy adjustment
sisupoika on Apr 22, 2017
replacement parts
B R on Apr 20, 2017
otilio g on Apr 10, 2017
Reliability and ease of adjustment
Robert G on Mar 20, 2017
Currently using K2 Pro 100031 with success. Easy to use.
T W on Jan 3, 2017
These are the type rotors I now have in my irrigation system.
B E on Dec 14, 2016
Very good Rotor. I install them all the time and have had no problems. Very easy to set.
T R on Nov 20, 2016
Super easy to set and install - consistent and even rain curtain.- great coverage. good value
L N on Sep 10, 2018
replacement part
R O on Aug 10, 2018
I am curious as to how the K-Rain sprinklers compare to other similar rotors: the Hunter I-20 and Rain Bird 5000 Plus. The features are nearly identical but I have no experience with K-Rain. The Hunter I-20 is probably as durable as they come but the Rain Bird 5000 Plus is loaded with great features, I like the Rain Curtain nozzles and the slip clutch which helps when setting the arc after installation. Can someone give me a little feedback before I decide to give the K-Rain rotors a whirl?
A shopper on May 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I have K-Rain super pros and Hunter I20's. Both have very similar features and are very good heads. Both have a shut off feature which is awesome for changing nozzles and also for blowing out the lines for winter (once a head starts spitting air you shut it off and send more air power to the other heads).

K-Rain - the top of the head can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver and it also has a circle with the angle of throw on them. They are by far the easiest to set for angle of throw. Also the water shut off can be turned with a screwdriver which is much easier than finding the stupid little tool. The major downfall is the nozzles. I have tried a few nozzles and and all but 2.5GPM or less nozzles spray water weird. Currently I have the 3GPM nozzle in my heads and it is almost like two tips, one stream of water throws about 25' and the other stream of water throws about 10' but at an angle of 15 degrees to the main stream. If the rotor spins in a full circle this is not a problem, but anything less than that will leave an area with dry spots. Also the water spread is not very good, some areas get heavier water than others.

I-20 - This is a great head and is basically an upgraded version of the historic Hunter PGP. The head is sturdy and works well. The only thing I don't like is you have to use the head adjustment too to change the arc setting and to turn off the water. However, the water dispersion is second to none. I have used a variety of nozzles and all spray water evenly and in a straight line unlike the K-Rain. I am very pleased with these heads and will keep using them. PS I did not buy the stainless version as reports said it was not worth the extra cost for home installation.

Bottom line, I wish you could put the I-20 nozzles in the K-Rain (and I did try but they would not fit), but you can't. The point of the heads is to spray water and you will only adjust them 1-2 times a year, therefore the I-20 is the clear winner.
I bought several K2 rotors from Sprinkler Warehouse and the rotors came with a plastic tree that had several nozzles on it. The guy that installed the nozzles must have not done it properly and several nozzles blew off and are lost. I can't find replacement nozzles anywhere for a reasonable price. I've found them at several places but the cost of the little plastic tree is the same as a new rotor that includes the nozzles. Where can I find the nozzles without having to buy a new rotor?
A shopper on Oct 22, 2017
is this the same as a 90008104?
Jerry L on May 21, 2016
been using K_2 K Rain 5" gear drive from Lowes. The part number is 19103. Do you have that one? Had good luck with this one.
Fred F on Jul 28, 2015